RICHMOND Buried Gold

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Nov 29, 2005
RICHMOND 1854, located on Ft. Leavenworth and Ft. Laramie Military Road at crossing of S. Fork Nemaha River. First county seat of Nemaha County.
P.O. 1855, James Thompson, postmaster
Store 1855, Albert G. Woodward, prop., who also operated a hotel which was constructed by H. H. Lanham.
Founded by Cyrus Dolman.
A cache of gold was buried near the crossing c1854 by a returning gold seeker who feared robbery by "border ruffians." It has never been recovered.
Woodward & Marshall's Store 1848, Oketo, KT, on the Otoe Reservation. Albert G. Woodward & Francis J. "Frank" Marshall, Props. (Barry p.1225)

Woodward's Store 1854 at Richmond, Nemaha Co., KT. Albert G. Woodward, Prop. Richmond was the first county seat of Nemaha County. (Seneca Courier-Tribune Anniv. Ed. 1938)

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