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John Peverel-Peverly and Walter Bagnall (also known as 'Great Walt') lived on Richmond Island since 1628 and traded gold and silver coins for dried beaver hides with the Sagamore Indians who had Squidrayset as their barter. Peverly had made trips to England probably taking the dried fish and furs that they had bought from the Indians. According to immigration records he had returned to America in 1628, 1629, 1630, & 1631.

It was noted that Bagnall sold liquor and English weapons to the natives. He was dishonest in his methods of trading with the Indians and had made huge profits from it. He was described as a 'wicked fellow'. John Peverly was associated with Bagnall and according to old records he is listed as Bagnall's companion.

Squidrayset was the first sachem who deeded landin Falmouth, Maine. He is believed he was sachem of the aucocisco tribe who inhabited between the Androscoggin and Saco rivers.

Winthrop's Journal states that on 3 Oct 1631 the Sagamore Indian, Squidrayset and his company massacred and robbed them and burned the Trading Post down around them because they felt they were cheated. They took their guns and anything else that they wanted.

Men had gone after the murderers but did not catch them. They did, however, get information from friendly Indians as to who it was who killed Bagnall and Peverly. About January of 1633 Captain Neal had gone after pirates but returned as it was so cold they could not follow them. They went to Richmond Island where they found and hung the Indian Black Will, one of those who had there murdered Walter Bagnall (WJ 1:118).

Squidrayset (Scitterygusset) is the man who killed Walter Bagnall & his companion John Peverly. However Manatahqua was hanged. The records agree that Bagnall deserved his fate but Manatahqua did not.
[from Lewis, Colonial Main Hist. Soc, Drake reference]
There were coins found in an earthen jar on Richmond Island in 1855 after the land had been plowed. In the jar were found 21 gold coins, 31 silver coins dated as early as 1602 from the crowns of Europe, and a gold signet ring with the initials 'G.V.' Some reports speculate that this 'find' could have been buried there by Walter Bagnall. See Speculations and Conclusions

The first burial ground for the colonists is at Odiorne's Point near where the great house was built. We do not know if settlers brought the burned bodies to the point to bury them or if they rest on Richmond Island, Maine.

The plantation at Odiorne Point had two beautiful bodies of water named Peverly Ponds after John Peverly. They are located in a wild life preserve and State Park and can be easily found by following Peverly Trail.

Thomas Peverly, probable son of John Peverel-Peverly, married Jane Walford and owned a strip along Sagamore Creek where a stream running from Peverly Brook dumps into Sagamore Creek. Peverly Road leads from their home to Peverly Hill . There is also a Peberly Mountain that was first Peverly Mountain and was posted on a map with the wrong spelling.


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Nice story Gypsy Heart now all I have to find out is, how I can get permission to detect on Richmond Island just of the coast of S.Portland. :thumbsup:

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Wheeling daily intelligencer. (Wheeling, Va. [W. Va.]), 26 May 1855.


Wheeling daily intelligencer. (Wheeling, Va. [W. Va.]) 1852-1859, May 26, 1855, Image 2 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress


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