"Robbers Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge"


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Jan 11, 2006
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Re: "Robber's Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge"

Now that seems like a big project.


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Aug 17, 2007
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Re: "Robber's Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge"

I met a guy that's detected under that bridge and says his coin count was sky high. Before the bridge collapsed, people would walk out on it and pitch coins. Thousands on top of the ground. But he did mention the areas with really high, thick, wet, deep brush that has gone undetected simply because its too tough. How many years worth of coins tossed off it, down into the stream and further? Depressed lovers throwing their wedding rings off there...it happens.

I've heard that burried loot story many times over the years...and that's just what I think of it as...a story. Seems way too many people have scoured around there in search of it...it was either never there or someone found it and kept their mouth shut....which is exactly what I would have done.

But there is still some awesome detecting to do under the bridge, thousands more coins laying just under and on the surface....heck...maybe accidentally find a cache.



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Aug 21, 2006
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Re: "Robber's Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge"

My personal feelings on the topic are that, according to the story, it was cash. Now, if that means bills, I'm sure they've deteriorated through the years. If it was coins, they probably wouldn't be 'buried' under too much dirt. The reason I think this is that it happened in winter and since he was on the lam, he was probably travelling as light as he could to hasten his escape and wouldn't have had a shovel. He got sick and then went down into the town of Hazelhurst, where he died from pneumonia. Biggest problem is, WHAT an area to cover. Human nature.....as soon as he told someone, follow his tracks through the snow (if there was any) and get the loot and say nothing to anyone.

Again, just my personal thoughts and I could be wrong. I do agree with the coins at the bottom of the bridge. I have never thought about the rings though. Close enough to me, I just may end up there someday.

jeff of pa

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Dec 19, 2003
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Re: "Robber's Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge"

There was recently a story on the mint receiving Buried U.S. Currency
that was Shipped out of Mexico.

It said U.S. currency Petrifies when Buried in Bundles.
Then again they were talking Mexico.
Not Pennsylvania

Of course this is Older Currency & I doubt if it was made the same
But this may be something to Research fruther.

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