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Jul 11, 2009
North Carolina
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Howdy Folks, it's been awhile since my last post. This isn't my favorite time of year for detecting so I'm not hitting it too hard. Crops are in the fields and the woods are getting thick. Let us not forget about all the flies and pesky mosquitoes. Let's go back about a month when I got a new permission in a field before the crops were in. Farmer says have at it and I kid you not, after a couple hours, I had one keeper. My second LC and this time I got the year 1849 off of it.

I went down to Sullivan County and got in some fields. I came out with four flat buttons, a musket ball and what I believe to be a tip of a sword or big knife. Rings up like iron so could be a piece of farm equipment.

Made three separate trips to the spoon woods. I finally found a couple IHC's, instead of wheat's, and some silver spoons with the issue date 1885. One piece I found looked like silver. Top to a perfume bottle or the end of a curtain rod. My go-to guy said it's not silver but he thinks that it has a thick silver plating on it. Found a piece that has Deering on the front. They made farm machinery in the late 19th century. A small token that I couldn't rescue quick enough. A couple thimbles with "Hotel Deming" on them. A nice Bromo-Seltzer bottle surface find.

I got another permission on a piece of land a man owns. He mows it but it's not part of his yard. I told him that a house was there at one time. He told me not a house but a blacksmith shop. I did half the lot and found nothing but trash. The other half gave me my first SLQ. I also dug a Mercury dime, two wheats, and a fancy flat button. The back of the button has "rich gold colour". A nice time spread on this lot. I would like to say Thanks to the people for posting some of their Keepers in the Indiana Finds. It's nice to see other peoples finds. Thanks for looking. GL & HH. SD

IMG_20180415_151937.jpg IMG_20180415_185029.jpg IMG_20180421_115100.jpg IMG_20180505_123438.jpg IMG_20180505_123756.jpg IMG_20180504_140929.jpg IMG_20180504_140949.jpg IMG_20180505_111610.jpg IMG_20180518_111300.jpg IMG_20180521_154902.jpg IMG_20180521_170613.jpg IMG_20180521_175400.jpg IMG_20180522_123239.jpg IMG_20180429_164609.jpg IMG_20180503_122728.jpg IMG_20180503_122744.jpg IMG_20180505_092819.jpg IMG_20180429_164705.jpg


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Aug 10, 2009
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White's MXT all pro, MXT300 D2, 950, 4X6 DD, detech ultimate 13" DD coils
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Very good hunt and finds. HH


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May 9, 2017
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Way to go Dave, your collection just keeps getting bigger and better.


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Oct 28, 2012
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Glad to see you took care of that scratch!!!!!! CONGRATZ.....

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