Searching for a metal detecting buddy


Aug 19, 2014
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I have 3 bounty hunters one is a quick silver
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Metal Detecting
My husband and I have started this new hobby and would like to have someone to join us that has experience or knows where we can go.
We have been to a few places like a couple of parks and a beach. We really don't know where to start to look or ask for permission or to when to ask or who. There is a lot of crop fields in a few towns where I live just don't know where to go to ask for permission. Im such a shy person lol. We have three metal detectors I think all bounty hunter and we have a garrett pin pointer. We live in Muldrow Oklahoma if there is anyone that lives close.


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Mar 17, 2014
SE Oklahoma
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Relic Hunting
Noticed your post was from awhile back. I'm in Talihina, a good drive from your location. I bought my metal detector from a shop over in Arkoma. If it is still there you might want to check with them for more local to you folks to hook up with. If you are going to be in my neck of the woods, PM me and I'll try to get with you.


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Dec 22, 2018
Detector(s) used
F75+ fisher 11”,5” dd coils
F pulse pin pointer
Black widow headphones
Predator 31c raptor hand digger,
Whites mxt e-tracker stock 9” ,4x6,coil
Garrett AT Pro,ground shrark
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All Treasure Hunting
Catoosa area

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