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Dec 10, 2013
Not so free state of Georgia.
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When I walk in a store that has one. So far I found just clad and a few foreign , nothing old.

I work in a large grocery store and every morning when I get to work(about 3:45am),I check not only the reject slot but also the tray where you drop in your coins and also the top of the machine.I find allot of foreign coins and allot of tokens,and of course silver coins.Was told by the the Coin Star guy who comes and cleans it up,that the machine doesn't really like silver coins and will usually reject them. As of this year I have found 43 penny's,6 nickles,4 dimes & 3 quarters
for a total of $1.45.Also found a couple of 5 cent Euro's,2 steel penny's,1-1958 dime & 1-1960 quarter ,also about a handful of tokens.

Found a mercury dime, along with a half dozen French coins in the Coinstar reject boc a couple months ago. I always check them but silver was a surprise.

as i posted on sagi's coinstar thread i found a ''dump'' consisting of a u.a.e. 1 dirham, a steel cent, and a canadian '88 nickel about a week or two ago and about 4 days after that i found $2 in zincoln cents and 3 days or so ago i found a 1933 canadian nickle and 2 mexican coins. jan. was a great month for coinstar hunting!

i hardly ever have time to post so i will only post about anything over $1 and all foreign and pre-1950 coins and silver.

FRIDAY i found a 1940 s wheatie and sunday i found a 2000 GB 5 pence and a 1996 GB penny! I think i find a lot of foreigns here bc i am so close to a large airport and foreigners give tips in their native currency accidentally or intentionally.

this isn't really a coinstar find but i found 5 coins next to a coke machine and one of them was a bu 1991 d doubled die on the date!

Keep hunting those machines!

FriDay I got a 1964d quarter in change (pawnshop of course) and yesterday I found a 1942 d reverse double die in the coinstar!

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