Simplex SP 24 coil or Vanquish 340


Sep 13, 2021
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I have a simplex and I like it a lot. I almost got a vanquish 440 instead. My fried recently bought a 340 because I told him to get a vanquish just to see how it compares to mine. His VDI is much more consistent where my simplex gives off a wider range of VDI for the same target. His VDI buffer zone is like 5 and mine can be 20. We only look in trashy areas. Will buying a SP24 coil help me ring my VDI range in tighter or should I just buy the cheapest vanquish and have 2 detectors?


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Mar 2, 2013
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Welcome to TreasureNet...!
Get the Nokta Makro coil, it should get in tight places,
and still give performance.
That coil is on my wish list for Christmas...!


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Jul 19, 2021
steuben county, ny
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I have both detectors .. the simplex and vanquish 340 .. the simplex is the better of the two (IMO) .. but both are very capable .. try hunting without looking at the TID numbers, cover it if you need to .. half hour with your simplex, half hour with your buddies 340 .. just dig what sounds good .. guaranteed that after just an hour your question will be answered

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Dec 19, 2019
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Get the SP24. The Simplex is chatty because it is finding stuff. I've been running mine a notch or two under full throttle and still hitting coins solidly with less chatter. A trick is to lift up while continuing to swing and look at the VDI, if it remains somewhat solid, (~91 for a quarter) most times than not, its a coin. I've tried the SP28, Detech Ultimate and the SP24, all nice tools but I find that the SP24 is the most productive and seems to be better married with the Simplex engine, ... lighter too:)

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