Someone Found The Adams Diggings!


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Jul 2, 2013
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So I was looking through historic maps of New Mexico, and found one in particular. I decided to start browsing over it and see if it offered any new information. Lo and behold it has the Adams Diggings MARKED on it!
Old Map Adams.png

But I looked it up on Google Earth and this is the "supposed" spot...

new map adams.png

LOL on someone's ranch?? Then I went back looking at the map which I thought said 1887, but it was 1987. How this got into the Old Maps Online New Mexico Historic maps is beyond me. O.O

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Dec 4, 2008
"On some maps a wide place in the road is marked Adams Diggings, between Pietown and Quemado [Techado?]. This is the work of some wag. One will not find gold there."

~ Lost Bonanzas, by Harry Sinclair Drago (1966). Well-written, accurate, and highly recommended!

Good luck to all,

The Old Bookaroo

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