Stone Projectiles

Nov 15, 2021
These were found in Tampa around Ben T Davis beach during construction on the road, very deep, there was a spanish salt works there I was researching....these stone cannonballs are not too pretty but had enough lead content to make the whites squeal. They are drops of course, because firing caused them to fragment....stone source was somewhere in Mexico I think. One is notched to bring it into weight. The gun type is easily identifiable, they both weighed the same and were roughly same size. The trade I made with these was a very good trade. They are by far my most valuable finds. I did find a diamond ring once worth more, but was doing it as service for the lady who lost it and the reward was nominal compared to the value of these. There are a large number of stone projectiles laying around Europe, used in slinging, and the sling stones of early man everywhere should be of interest to all projectile point enthusiasts. Iin europe slinging was the primary/first form of attack in most battles, all the castles were made to accommodate slingers.

I am lving in NM now, and looking for the same type of thing, I would bet there is a pile out there somewhere, probably buried by blowsand.


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