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Mar 26, 2010
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Over 2017, one of my favorite Minelab metal detectors, the CTX 3030 has really been put to the test. Breaking down the CTX 3030 recently for another long flight, I realized just how important using dependable metal detecting equipment is. Some of the places I have taken my CTX 3030 to in the past year have very difficult to search metal detecting terrain. For example, Oak Island, Nova Scotia: with heavily wooded lots, brackish swamp and jagged rocky beaches. No matter how many times I break down and put my “dirty thirty” back together, it is always ready for the toughest of metal detecting situations. That really is a testament to the build quality and versatility of the CTX 3030.

I have also used a wide variety of search coils on my CTX 3030 this year, often changing search coils mid hunt. Changing search coils in the field using a CTX 3030 can be done in a few minutes, without fear of a floppy coil thanks to the chunky search coil fasteners. Unlike other metal detector shaft set ups used around saltwater, when you travel to detect you never have to worry about fused lower shaft rods. There is nothing worse than trying to break down a metal detector to travel and realizing saltwater and sand has made it impossible to detach the lower rod from the upper shaft. A rinse off with fresh water is all the maintenance you have to do with the CTX 3030 collapsible shafts. My battery and battery charger has also held up really well, along with the recently remodeled arm cuff, I am pleased to say the CTX 3030 is still taking a licking and still ticking.

There would be no mistaking my CTX 3030 in a police line-up, she has plenty of dings and scratches, which I refer to as battle scars. Even my CTX 3030 screen gets tested on a regular basis as it’s the place I like to display my good finds on when taking photos. My dirty thirty has hit the ground many many times, usually after I lean it against a boulder or tree when recovering targets. I have never had any issues after my CTX 3030 has hit the deck hard. From the shaft connection clamp and search coil connectors to the USB cap, I know when I reach my destination and unpack my suitcase my CTX 3030 is ready to rock and roll. If you travel to metal detect you can rely on the versatile CTX 3030.There are two very good reasons why I always use my CTX 3030 on TV treasure hunting shows: versatility and reliability .I know my CTX 3030 is ready for any treasure hunting situation I put in its way, making it the perfect metal detector to pack and travel to metal detect with.

You can watch Gary’s latest detecting adventures on the new season of The Curse of Oak Island

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