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May 8, 2014
Pcola fl
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Fisher cz6a,,,Fisher cz-20,,,,Teknetics gamma 6000,,"Tek Eurotek pro ,,Fisher gold bug s.e 2.9er,,Tek T2 ltd se,,Tek T2+,,Minelab Vanquish 540 and the awesome 340
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Metal Detecting
Today while hunting a school thats been demo'ed and finding lots of wheats and 2 silver rosies,nothing special about my finds except one of the wheat pennies.
Strong repeatable clean crisp 82-83 on my gamma 6000,dig down 4" and find a 3/8"x4" long bolt with washer and nut on it,rusty as well..:icon_scratch: My gamma never mixes rusty iron with coins,particulary with such a fine clear signal,so i pass the bolt in front of the coil and get iron grunt and i.d..I'm like how did it miss i.d something this big,this is a bolt that you use a 9/16th's wrench on in case your not familar with bolt sizes..

So i run the coil over the hole and still get a solid signal..:notworthy: i dig 3" more and pin point it in the dirt,dug a little more and out popped a wheatie at 7.5" deep in the hole,not to the side but directily below the bolt..I'll probally never do that again as it should have been totally masked by this big mass bolt..Thats with the stock 8" doughnut coil,really need me a dd coil as i went back with my t2 with stock 11" big breast and it really slices through the trash,no more silver but lots of wheat backs..:notworthy: teks love to work the junk yards..
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Jul 24, 2005
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Call for your Treasurenet special discount! Be sure to mention Tnet when you call!
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Congrats and you are right! Teknetics love to hunt in the iron!

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