The Geological World Will Be Turned Upside Down...


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Aug 5, 2020
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... I'm here to tell ya.

The Tree.

The Tree is on just about every rock/crystal matrix specimen... The image is either on the face of the rock texture-wise (as in appearing to be carved), in the crystal pattern, or when light is shown through it and photographed with no light and exposure/shutter speed adjusted accordingly.

The tree looks like a haunted tree, with a mouth at the base and one at the top (not always there but it's there more than half the time), and the branches are full of leaves, rather than have fallen and the branches are bare. It's usually shown with a bend about half way up from the base, after the lower mouth... meaning the tree is not straight up and down although I've seen one that is (but it's special and it's inside a crystal that just about everyone has seen or heard of), but usually is depicted as a tree growing out at an angle.

I know it's cuckoo, and I can't ask you to trust me, but can you all just let me show you what I'm talking about? Just look at what I have to show. Be entertained by the fool.

Now the specimens I have to show you will exhibit the TREE image in three different ways as I mentioned before. The specimens are not treated and have not been dipped in acid. I just used mineral oil, water, and a light metal bristled brush... they are not perfectly clean but when mineral oil is added the dirt and sand/crete darkens and the image is more easily obtained.

I'm going to be adding photos of the specimens I have exhibiting the image over a the next few days... I'm not gonna read the replies as much as I can. Go ahead and take your shots, I understand how crazy this sounds, but I believe I have to put this out there... so I'm asking a billion times please let me at least post some pics in the next few days in this thread before it is locked. I really don't think this is hurting anyone and I really believe it's gonna change the world. Sounds so sappy, but no other way to put it.

I should have some photos up in a couple hours... or sooner, got to run some errands etc. stay posted...


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Dec 23, 2019
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post away , We love oddities and curiosities . I'm sure the thread will remain open as long you stay respectful.

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