The Nugget Hunters Ancient Placer Channel


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Oct 18, 2005
Northern California
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Whites and Minelab
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All Treasure Hunting
The Nugget Hunters Ancient Placer Channel

The Race is on to Detect an Ancient Placer Channel before the Poison Oak completely over takes it for the Season.
The Poison Oak is starting to pop so this might be our only shot at it this year.
We found this spot during a scouting trip and Gary and, Todd ( Topcat )and, Bedrock Bennett detected it just a few days before we tried it out for ourselves.
Gary got a nice piece so here we are back to get more Gold Nuggets !!!!
We hope the Bomb Cyclone and Mother Nature have helped by clearing off some Bedrock for us to Detect in our search for Placer Gold Nuggets.
The weather was a bit warm especially sense we are all wearing long sleeves shirts to combat the poison oak.
Me and Gary @TwoToes with Brian loaded up in Gary's Jeep Rubicon are off in search of Placer Gold Nuggets !!!

Minelab SDC 2300

SG 078

The Nugget Hunters Ancient Placer Channel​

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