This one is my shark bite scar


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Jun 5, 2014
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I was working with the high school special needs kids. One kid, a 15 year old boy that I shall call Marcus was about to go for yet another surgery. He was a little nervous even though he was trying to be strong so I sat down with him and began comparing scars with him. We both had pretty good sized scars on our heads and all over from numerous surgeries. We both had near death experiences and lots of hospital time. He would show me one and I would show him mine.

This was actually calming him down and so I told him that I had a shark bite scar. His eyes got huge as he looked at me, so I asked if he wanted to see it. Of course he was excited to see it and so I lifted my shorts up higher on my right thigh to show him this huge scar that looked like a shark had bitten me. As he looked it over, he began saying the wows and all of that with his eyes getting even bigger. Then I told him the truth, it had been a deep to the bone muscle biopsy as they tried to figure out what was wrong with me and why I was having so many health issues. Turned out that I had a severe case of sleep apnea that was misdiagnosed for years.

Then I told him that I had made the scar much bigger when I climbed a tree with a climbing tree stand. I had waited two weeks after the surgery and I was ready to go bowhunting. I had felt the stitches tearing but I was already up the tree so I sat it out. Marcus grinned and told me that he was convinced at first and then he laughed. He told me that my shark bite scar was still pretty awesome and he liked it. Now he spoke of his scars in a lighter manner and he began coming to me to share his more trying times. Oh yeah, he also hurried around and began telling other kids about my shark bite scar and soon he had a room full. Then after everyone had seen it, Marcus grinned and told them that it really wasn't but that it still looked cool. Marcus had several more surgeries afterwards but has also "graduated." Life is what we make it to be.

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