Today's hunt at an abandoned Mine


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Oct 12, 2013
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Today proved interesting as it was my first hunt at an abandoned mine.
The amount of trash, shell casings and expended bullets made finding anything of relic interest or old coins next to impossible.
The structure of what I believe was a storage area for their TNT was just hammered with beer cans, broken bottles and shotgun shells...moved down to where a creek bed that was once flowing could have shown something of promise, yet that too was just pounded with trash.
Too bad that people abuse history and what is left to teach us about those before us.
The place is very remote and requires a ton of off road maneuvering (about 30 minutes away from a paved road leading back to civilization) yet, people still brought their spray paint cans up to tag the crap out of the original foundations, rocks, boulders etc.
As I am somewhat disappointed that I could not manage to pull one coin, it still was a great visual as to the construction used back in the 1890's., and, to know that there are 100's of abandoned mines that have yet to be located by the vandals giving me time to do more research on places, time periods and possible relic availability.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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May 16, 2007
Lewiston, Idaho
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Unfortunately, in my experience around old mine sites and abandoned logging camps finding coins is rare while lots of trash and old iron items is too common.

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