Took a trip around the world today at the Coinstar


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Dec 15, 2018
NYC area
Primary Interest:
Machine was full of coins (no silver though)

Came away with 35 pennies, 3 dimes

$1.10 Canadian
22 Mexican Pesos
51 Japanese Yen
$5 Hong Kong
3.54 Euros
10 Korean won
1.50 Thai Baht

Someone had these coins for a long time as none of the Euros were dated post-2002, and none of the Canadian coins post-2000. The Mexican were all dated 2012 (and one of the 10 peso and the 2 peso coins were new). Cant tell the date on the Japanese (date written in Japanese and I don't want to bother to look it up) or Thai coins

Also, the most recent date for the US coins was 2004.

Thanks for looking

coinstar 3-3.jpg
coinstar 3-3a.jpg

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