Traded for Like New Excal II but not near ocean anymore.


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Feb 4, 2013
Santa Clarita, CA
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Whites SURF PI; MXT All Pro
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Metal Detecting
Any good for lake and river in Central CA? Got it in trade in like new condition. Anderson shaft and knob guard. I have a Nox 800 and MXT All Pro already. Will the Excal be a good fresh water option or should I just consider selling? Hate to see almost $1800 (with upgrades) sitting in my closet.
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Mar 3, 2013
SW, VA - Bull Mountain
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CTX, Excal II, EQ800, Fisher 1260X, Tesoro Royal Sabre, Tejon, Garrett ADSIII, Carrot, Stealth 920iX, Keene A52
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I second what Steve says! I've used mine in saltwater, but I've used it a heck of a lot more in freshwater lakes and rivers...
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Aug 16, 2013
Southern California
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Equinox / XP Deus I & II
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I’d keep it and use it in your area of California. Perfect for those ice cold lakes. Good luck!


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Mar 15, 2014
South Bend
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ML Equinox 800, and Excalibur II
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Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
I've only used it in saltwater once the rest of theme it's been in lakes and it does very well in them. I also have bought the Nox 800 last year and wish I could say I've learned all its ins and outs. It does hit much smaller targets, but the Excal once you learn what the tones are telling you is a much easier detector to develop skills on.
That's my two cents.

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