Feb 27, 2006
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I've always been looking for good books on treasure research and treasure hunting. Does anyone have other sites they go to for reviews of treasure books?

I've found decent reviews here - Gold & Treasure Hunting Books - Gold & Treasure Hunting
Excellent reviews here - Treasure Hunting Book Reviews | Researching Treasure Leads
A listing of treasure books at - Research Unlimited - The World's Largest Treasure Book Catalog
Fairly decent descriptions here - True ebook Stories of Lost Gold Mines, Pirate and Buried Treasure Sites of Legend
A few sparse review at - Treasure Trove Dreams: 4 "Classic" Treasure Hunting Books
and very dry descriptions without reviews from Bartholemew in his book '1200 Treasure Books, a Bibliography' which I was lucky enough to acquire.

Some of those sites sell books as well, so there reviews will be slightly biased.

Can anyone add some sites that have good reveiws?

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