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Jul 12, 2004
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Greetings Fellow True Treasure Hunters & Argonauts:

This thread is about the basics...the way for newbies to get up to speed and and some pros
to get back to basics for a refresher course. I am the first to admit that I don't know it all
this whole experience for me has been a 20+ years learning experience - hardly a day goes
by that I don't learn something from somewhere or someplace.

1. This website is a great learning experience if you can sift through the overburden
to get to the nuggets, because of the naysayers and negative types.

2. People who I have met , who have generously contributed to my body of knowledge

3. The treasure sites them selves have taught me the most, if followed, with diligence
and patience, If you follow thru, document you journey,. research everything you can
compare one site to another, the very Code Makers themselves will teach you what
you need to know to crack the code. Now there are of course a few tiny exceptions
but basically the Jesuits/Spanish/Templar/Masonic Code is ultimately breakable.
omega hoyo1.JPG(c)copyright 2006-'13 -all rights reserved-mushroom hoyo- telling you a cache is near-notice the sleeping bear just under the mushroom..and if you look close the mushroom is also a second shape of a dove with its wings spread and looking down at the ground~ of course the bear head is telling this spot is death trapped!

The code markers knew that if these monument where built to stand the centuries, that their descendants
could break this code, with out a code book or master key. They based this code on education and knowledge
of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics and yes some Astronomy and Cartography . Let no one tell you that this data has to be bequeathed, installed by immaculate conception
to be anointed as the chosen ones..That is all crapola designed to confuse you and dissuade you from your pursuits. This thread is about solving each sign or symbols individually, a basic primer on what you need to know
to confirm that you have a legitimate monument.

Warning, once this truth comes out..expect to see the naysayers jump on this thread with both feet. They hate
the fact that someone is so bold as to tell the truth to the general public, the facts about the treasure signs and symbols. Just bear with me, and when the naysayers try to hijack this thread with their childish actions, just ignore them please. Their juvenile tactics to disrupt these kinds of postings is their aim, lets defeat them my preempting
there machinations. Don't respond to their posts, they all want to draw you into hissing contest, a cat fight, where the data fades into the back ground, their attempt to discredit the info becomes the point of the post. This is called hijacking and they have doneit on almost every single thread, here and elsewhere.

NOTICE: In order to make your experience here in the positive vein, and not to be exposed to the pessimists,.
naysayers, treasure deniers , agenda setters ,and the plain old negative types... to skip over their hi jacking attempts...Please place the following members on your IGNORE LIST

#1 SWR - a negative malcontented troll who lives under the bridge of every thread
#2 Lamar - a spinmiester from the Church trying to rewrite Jesuit history
#3 Springfield a denier who thinks every mark and sign is a trail marker only.
#4 Shortstack. a terminal clound reader who lives vicarioudly thru other true trackers
by sending them off on wild goose pareidolia cloud reading expeditions. for his ego.
now parroting half truths to get you to be tricked into listening to him. Don't.

Thank you, you will join all True Treasure Hunters and Argonauts who have taken this advise to heart. If these folks
will start some threads and try to help folks, this list can change, but I wouldn't count on it, these are people who only want to tear things down, not build anything !

DSC03049.JPG(c)copyright 2007-all rights reserved, profile face post Alpha pointing the way.
In this light and in that vein, let me start by posting the data about signs from the best tracker and sign reader that I never met. StillDign, his name is a red flag to the BS artists, they hate him with a vengeance..why would this
be so, well for the following reasons.
1. He tells the truth about signs an symbols
2. They dont want this information to be revealed
3. They say they worked 20 years to learn this stuff
4. They are so greedy about their own sites, they don't want others to know anything
5. Folks on this site are representing and defending the original entities that buried this stuff
6. The object critics, who know nothing, but pretend to know it all.
7. The outright d-i-s-i-n-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n pitchmen who sell this info and dont want their clients to see that this information can be had for free for on

8.lastly this guy marks all the graffiti, and pareidolia he can find, he is a terminal cloud reader and cannot be taught otherwise, , because his ego has him believing he is important to this site and he thinks he is impressing a certain TH who has tendency to read clouds as real signs.

So you can see quite a motley crew of players here..even though they come from different fractions they all
have one common goal, deny, dissuade, doubt, diffuse, disavow, that treasures were even buried in the ground
and even if they were , they are all gone, if there are not gone, they certainly dont belong to you. You have no
right to track , solve, and dig up these treasures. The proof is in the posts that are certain to follow on this thread
if nothing else they are predictable! Watch them carefully, they rant, rave and gang up when the truth is coming out. Use them as a leading indicator..the more virulent, the more silly, the more childish, the more outlandish their rants the more truth is being revealed. So ignore them, and concentrate on the data, and together will will show
you how to identify and track these ancient treasure signs to the golden conclusion
alpha hoyo_1.JPG(c) copyright 2003-10-all rights reserved- an owl hoyo in an Alpha Monument, found back east in one of the 13 original colonies.

Now that my preamble his been set, let me start this 101 post with the one person who has been there, dug is said that ,this guy has made several recoveries. Obviously the nature of this 'hobby' is that the proof cannot be bragged about as that would be the ultimate foolishness, as you will see as you get closer to your goal. That person is Stilldign, or dign , his posts are the ultimate in original knowledge, not the rehashed stuff in the thousand of books on the subject. This data come from hands on , boots on the ground, shovel in hand, step by step learning over decades of time..He generously shares this information with the general public, but the attack dogs have managed to frustrate him to the point where he saw fit to resign and withdraw from all the petty nonsense, he has better things to do..he deemed these people 'unworthy' of the time and patience to post here anymore.

I have picked up his banner and I stand firm and will NOT be moved, or run off, you might say I have NOTHING better to do right the reason I do this is because I owe StillDign a debt of gratitude - he helped me early in my career with original information that put me back on the right track, I never forget how it felt for someone I didnt know - to take the time - to help a stranger - for free and no strings attached, I want to pay that back by passing on the gesture by helping someone else in his fashion. No strings attached and for free!

I am going to post all of digns post in this thread, and while I cannot speak FOR Dign, but I have learned enough to be able to try to answer any of your questions about these signs and symbols - so while detractors will say overposts are over rated , blah blah blah, On the contrary, this data had been suppressed or hidden to long.
So a discussion is invited, but only to serious and true treasure hunters, I will ignore all negative naysayers and critics - and hope that you treasure hunters will do the same - these are horrible working conditions, I know, but
if we Overcome, Adapt and Persevere we CAN obtain our golden goal.

The following is some nuggets from Digns post there on this site....

the first post of Dign on this site that I could find is dated 10/23/07;u=30272;sa=showPosts

this post explained the conspiracy theory about Train Robberies and the fact that the robberies were committed somewhere near a established Treasure Collection room. That the robbers were robbing shipments that the very higher ups were in on the robbery and the robbers would hide the goods in the cache site, and for them selves would rob the passengers, thus keeping them from what was going on in back of the train..and keep the loot from only the passengers for themselves.

dign knew of the Illuminate and the ''family'' of robber barons, secret organizations from the Bergermiester thru the Trilateral commission to the local bank, all controlling the money , the riches, the treasures of the world for centuries.

also check this post out where Dign states that Jesse James stayed at his Great Grandmothers house after a robbery...

Dign was the first to state that ALL treasure codes are rooted from the same source, from Outlaw to KGC to Jesuits to Spanish, this common thread helps to work on all aspects of buried treasure signs...he was out if front of the knowledge curve indeed..
I have abstracted his post here in its entirely because it is a watershed post...

I know that every treasure hunter adamantly looks for new leads to treasure. And there is nothing wrong with this what-so-ever!! On the other hand, you'll find that these leads, in most cases, are worthless. Why do I say this? The fact remains that at least 90% of the treasures that you are seeking will be using the codes (signs and symbols) of the "society." In other words, while it's exciting to get ahold of a new treasure lead, it will do you no good UNTIL you develop the working knowledge needed to go the the site of the suspected treasure and find the signs and symbols that are still there, signs and symbols that will guide you to your treasure room/mine.
Whether you're looking for treasures of the KGC, the Church, the Spaniard, the Pirates, Jesse James or whoever, you need to know the system as well as the definitions of this system. For those of you that are new to this hobby (Yea, hobby....right!! lol), you need to understand that these groups ALL used the same system of codes and symbols. This should give you some comfort, knowing that you can study the Spaniard maps in order to develope your skills (for example) and then you can cross-over to KGC, Jesse James maps, etc. It's probably just as good to study them all at the same time.
I know some people will dispute this fact but that's fine, I can live with that.
Now there are other treasures out there, treasures that were put there without the use of the coding technique that I'm discussing, treasures that were put there by common everyday people. I am not speaking of these treasures, and to find one of these is like finding a needle in a haystack, however, I would still urge you to pursue a treasure of this type if you have such a lead.
But, by far, the most treasure leads, whether you realize it or not, are treasures belonging to the "society." And again, without the working knowledge of their system you're shot down from the very beginning. Another thing to understand is that almost every treasure site of the society has been set up with the markers, these signs and symbols (the exceptions to this rule being those sites where there was not enough time to set these symbols in place due to ambush, etc). These are heavily coded signs and symbols and it takes a while to learn their meanings.
Treasure leads are fantastic, but when you learn the system, which you need to learn anyway, you'll find that your ability will allow you to "spot" a treasure map no matter where you find it , internet, book, newspaper, etc. You'll be looking at the Library of Congress (for example) down-loading maps made by the Army Corps of Engineers, and other maps that lead to treasure. And believe me, there's no better treasure lead than that!!!

The Letter B, M, and the Number 13
here he explains the Letter type of treasure maps,again out if front of all the rehashed books on the subject...

Other letters can also be used to guide you to this hidden info. The capital letter "B" is also used. It will be written in such a way that this letter will look more like the number 13. The number 13 is another code for the owl, and the owl is one of the most important treasure room symbols that you can find, both on maps as well as in the field. The number 13 comes from the owl itself. The owl is a major symbol that is still used by the secret society, and they know it as the "Owl of Minerva." The "M" from the word "Minerva" is used, and of course the "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet, hence the use of the number 13. One more thing about the "M." Treasure hunters have been taught that when they find an "M" in the field that it is telling you to "go to the next valley" or something along those lines. The truth is, when you find an "M" in the field (if it is all by itself) you are being told to "look for the Owl, the Owl of Minerva," that you are very close to a major accumulation room. This same holds true for the number 13 (when found in the field). On paper maps, when you find the capital "B" that looks more like "13," you want to hold your ruler along the "1" part of the 13.


Dign shows his humanity and humility in a mea culpa to Bob Brewer..and in general how we should treat fellow treasure hunter who may not be up to speed as others, but their sincerity is more important that the content....

I'm not sure what it is that is compelling me to write abut Bob, I really don't. Many of you have read his post in the past, and most times Bob was ridiculed for these posts and the information he released. I know this to be true because I, myself, did this very same thing, except that I did it to a level that few of you can understand. I am the worst offender of what should be a treasure hunters code of conduct....and that code goes something like this "Thou shall not condemn thy brothers (and sisters) simply because you disagree with what they are saying." Again, I am the worst offender.
To be realistic, and to analyze what Bob has given to the modern day treasure hunter as far as information, I have to say that he has given quite a bit. He has given more than most, less than others. But hey, who really cares....who's keeping track?
Bob's book about the KGC is, at the very least, a compilation of KGC treasure maps.....and who could ask for more? So what that his deciphering may not go along with our understandings....we still have the maps!!!! If you take a map from his book and locate the true location....GREAT!!!
To be honest, Bob has given treasure hunters a lot of truthful information. If he is guilty of anything, he's guilty of sharing his information. So I ask you....what should the penalty be for sharing information? We all do it. Some of us have a desire, to different degrees, to share what we know. The society, and its coding techniques, are so secret that if wait for them to reveal it we'll all die of old age!! They're not going to help you find things that they have tried so hard to keep concealed!!! You know what I mean?
I think that the number one thing that we, as treasure hunters, need to remember is to have respect for the input of all treasure hunters that contribute to this web site. Again, I am the worst offender. But, if your ability tells you that what a certain person is saying is B.S., then hold your tongue. This should be a sign to you that maybe this person is not as far advanced in deciphering as you are, that his/her ability is not as "concrete" as your ability is. But I ask you again, if a person writes something about what they believe to be true is actually not true....what crime has been committed. Should we crucify them??? There are enough people on this web site that do have true knowledge, and that all that is needed is to have one of these people write an article containing the truth and, thereby, countering the B.S. with a post about the truth.
In closing, I wish to say that the only thing that Bob Brewer is guilty of is "sharing what he believes to be the truth." And, as you grow in the ability to decipher treasure'll find that he did, indeed, speak a lot of truth.
Good luck, Bob Brewer!!!

Getting a partner

In this post Dign gives the advice of getting a partner or two, to speed up the time that it takes to gather all the important shows his generosity and good advice.....

I started out in this hobby in 1985. I tried so hard to get other people involved, but there were no takers. So, I began my personal journey that has lasted 22 years as of September 2007. There is no doubt in my mind that had I had a partner, or two or three, that I would have expedited my journey, that 22 years could have been compacted into 8 or 9 years.. In other words, each person is different, and each person sees things differently. And it is this difference in "sight" that allows for a team to become, to proceed, at a faster rate. Myself, all I had was my own "sight" and understanding, and trust me, there were several times when I would take someone who knew nothing about this hobby into the field and lo and behold, they pointed out signs to me that I had never even seen. Now I don't claim to know it all...and I never will come to that point....but when a greenhorn shows you something that you've overlooked for years.......well.... it's just as humbling as it is exciting. And for this reason, I suggest that you try to form a conglomerate of sorts....a group that meets every so often to interpret treasure maps, signs, symbols, etc. The more you meet, the faster you proceed!!! Do you have the motivation to find treasure?? That motivation will determine just how fast you proceed.
The benefits of having a group of people is so obvious to me, and I hope that you take my advice and get some help....even if it's just one person. I know that if I had recruited just person, my time learning about the signs would have probably been cut in half.
I also know that the thousands of hours that I spent in field looking for and finding and photographing treasure signs (petroglyphs) was truly beneficial to my progress, but in hind-sight, how I wish I'd had a partner.
Don't make the same mistake that I made, get a partner or two or more.. I know that sometimes partners "fly the coop" once the treasure(s) are located, but hopefully by that time you'll have gained the ability to move on to the next treasure site. And that is what is all about. Gaining the knowledge!!! Moving from one treasure to the next!!! Believe me, you'll gain that knowledge faster with partners!!!

here in post number 60 he shares his insight to Rock Maps
and their importance...
Of all the maps that you will come into contact with as a treasure hunter, by far the most complicated are the maps carved onto rocks and boulders (as well as other places). Known as rock maps, these maps will do two things: first of all they will lead you to the correct spot to dig. This depends, of course, on your own ability to decipher these rocks and the symbols that are carved on them. Secondly, these maps of stone will try, very successfully, to lead you astray and take you further away from your goal.
I strongly suggest that any and all treasure hunters buy a copy of the book titled "The Rocks Begin to Speak," by LeVan Martineau. I cannot even begin to put enough emphasis on why this book is so vital to your success as a treasure hunter. The main reason for learning the information in this book is simple, this technique of leaving information carved on rock, which was "invented" by the native peoples, is also a technique that was copied by the "society." In fact, some the very same symbols used by the natives were also used by the society and, in a few cases, the very same meanings are applied.

Look up and read the rest of this is a treasure in it's self

His insight to the Beale Treasure Codes..goes far to reveal much...
~~~post number 59
The Beale Codes use a coding technique that I have already discussed on this web site. The technique is what I call the "letter-style" coding technique, in that seemingly innocent letters are used to conceal the information needed to locate the treasure.
The Beale Codes are only different from other treasure maps in that these codes give you the most apparent false trail possible....the Declaration of Independence. This false lead has fooled everyone since the conception of these codes.

This is just a taste of the very valuable data that dign has posted the above is just from a few of the 60 odd posts.
of the Grand Master Dign/Dign4it/stilldign -
I whole heartily suggest that you read all the treasures left by dig in and read it..
I submit this and introduce it to the court of pubic opinion as exhibit "A"

Dign on the number 7

" A while back I posted a topic concerning the huge number 7 that can be found carved on a mountainside. Kenworthy states that this 7 points to a campsite and I added to that information, saying that this 7 can/will also point you to a fairly massive owl monument that will be found along the base of this mountain.

( editors note: as you know Kentworthy says that the number seven in the field is a campsite symbol, as in 'on the seventh day He rested")

Once at this owl monument you need to pay close attention because within a few dozen (or so) feet from this owl monument you will find other boulders, such as the eagle, etc.

You may remember how I told you to look for a notch in one of these other boulders, and that you need to sight through this notch, which will lead you to a very specific spot on the ground. Now you need to go to this spot and, laying down, put your head on this spot and then look around you. You will find partially buried rocks that give you the information to every treasure room in that area

"information sites"
(edit note: this sounded odd to even me, until I found this very thing in the field! - I might post this pic later)

I wasn't able to finish this topic, in fact, this is the first time I've been able to post in quite some time. What I need to tell you is that when spotting these partially rocks (in these information areas), make sure that you have a compass with you so that you can take a compass reading from the point where your head is at. In other words, these types of "information sites" not only give you the exact shape of the area/hill that holds the treasure room, they also give you the exact color of the area/hill, and they also give you exact compass directions and distances to these treasure accumulation rooms (One foot equals approximately 100 yards. This measurement is to be taken from the area where your head was resting, and measure the distance to each partially buried rock.[/b])
Looking closely at each of these partially buried rocks, you will find that they contain all of the vital information that you need to recover this treasure. You will be shown EXACTLY where the opening (to the accumulation room) is located.

These "information areas" can be tough to locate and decipher for novices and pro's alike. But if you have located a number 7 on a mountainside, then simply walk along the face of the mountain and look for the massive owl monument.
You will find that the better you know an area, then the better your chances are of spotting these "information areas" as well as the partially rocks, and recognizing them for what they are.

These info areas are generally found in locations that, while being literally "right there" in front of you, they are concealed by bushes, trees, etc. The owl monument, however, is generally sitting right out there in the open, just waiting for you to recognize it for what it is.

In mountain ranges that stretch out for miles and contain mines up the ying-yang, look for these information areas to be placed all along the range.

This information, as I stated, locates only treasure accumulation rooms. Once you're at one of these rooms you will find the best monuments for pin-pointing the mines that "contributed" to that specific room. These mines can be worth checking out, as they will most likely contain mined ores that just never quite made it to the accumulation room.[/b]

(editors note: This is brand new original information not found in any books that I have read! What a concept that the Spanish would build monuments to point to the mines AT the caches sites ! wow!)

In closing, many of you have e-mailed me asking for help with symbols and signs. Feel free to write, I try to help all I can for free, including coming to your site if I happen to be "in the area." The only exception to this is if you are hunting on Indian Reservations. I deal with these people in a much different way. There are far too many treasure sites out there that you can hunt leagally. Stay away from the Reservations. If you're an American Native, I'd be pleased to help if you have a site on a Reservation (these lands are some of the richest you'll ever find)".

Aztec number "6"
~~~Dign on the Number 8

The number 8 is an important treasure symbol. It also has many other symbols that are connected to it.
The letter H is the alphabetical equivalent to the 8, and as you already know, the H is an important symbol that represents a tunnel.

The Biblical meaning for the number 8 is "new beginnings." This "new beginning" can also be applied to the New World (as America was called in the "beginning." Also, The New World Order can be applied to this "new beginning" meaning. It is a new world that the Illuminati are trying to create, a new world without God and under their control.

The number 8 has another very important interpretation to it, and many treasure hunters have failed numerous times because of their lack of knowledge about this other meaning. The number 8, when found in the "last steps" of a treasure trail means to "double the number you have been given." Let me give you an excellent example of this "doubling."

At a recent John site, there was a duck rock map found at the location given, and this duck rock told about how the steps that you were following to the treasure are only correct to the sixth step, that the true 7th step had "ducked-out" on you, which left you following a false trail.

After locating the true seventh step, the duck rock now had to be rotated to give you the bell symbol. This bell symbol has a numerical value of 31, which is the number of feet that you need to measure to get to the treasure room....or is the 31 just a lie?

( editors note: Dign speaks of the numerical value of the Letters, it is simply A =1 , B = 2, etc
so B=2, E=5, L=12. L=12 total is 31 )

Remember that as we leave the 7th step* we are now on our 8th step, and this tells us automatically that we need to "double the final number." But how do we know that this step is the final step? By doubling the 31 feet (that we get from the bell) we get a new number of 62. Now generally, the number 6 is used as a death trap symbol, etc. However, in this case, we need to convert the 6 to its alphabetical "brother," which gives us the letter "F." The "F", in the latter stages of your treasure steps means "final" or "final step."

( ed note, the letter F is the 6th letter of the Alphabet)

The 2 (from the number 62) refers us to the letter "B." As I have stated before the "B" is a closed-up 13, the 13 being another symbol of the owl, the owl being the symbol for treasure, or treasure room. So, breaking down the number 62 into these letters gives us a meaning of "this is the final step to the treasure room."
I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the relationship between the alphabet(s) and the number systems. And this relationship is not limited to the English alphabet and number systems.
I hope this info helps someone get to their "rainbow.[/color]" If you have any questions, about ANY treasure symbol, please feel free to e-mail me. ( ed note: we know he canceled his email address)

* I believe that Dign was talking about the 7 steps from the Alpha to the Omega to the final sign, I also believe that this replicates the " Seven stations of the Cross". The Jesuits have taught me through their signs that the whole idea of the burying and the retrieving the goods, are analogous to the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. This should propel you a couple light years down the Treasure Trail, depending on where you are now of course!
I think that snydog's inquiry into digns email, has opened up this treasure chest of information that Dign DID leave us with, and I am sure he would be happy that I have DUG up his post and am reposting his work here for more people to learn and understand, I do it not only for the data, but to honor the man himself. He helped me about 10 years ago or so, to get back on track, and if I can help someone else now, I get to pay back his generosity.

"it is an old saying - and I guess it is true - a prophet is NOT believed in his own land."

" friends are Silver, but the old ones are Gold".....anon


StillDign on the T, the J and the number 10

The "T" symbol, as with ALL other treasure symbols, has different meanings, and these meanings change as you get "deeper" into the treasure codes (as you go from the alpha and get to where you are pin-pointing the treasures location).

First and foremost, the "T" has a numerical value of 20, and this is very important to understand if you are hoping to see success as a treasure hunter. You may have found a simple looking "T" at a site and , failing to understand this numerical importance, you will continue on along the false treasure trail when, in reality, all you had to do was measure 20 feet from the "T" in order to locate your treasure room/mine.

Secondly, (these interpretations are in NO specific order) the "T", being just as TRICKY as ALL other symbols, means to "cut the measurement given you in half." So, instead of the twenty feet that the "T" represents (numerically), now you have to drop down to "10."

Now, remember what the number 10 represents....the "J." I will not go down this road at this time, but remember that the "J" means to change the direction given (change it to the EXACT opposite direction that you were given).

I have stated that the interpretations of the "T" are in no specific order, however, I must tell you that the following meaning is, by far, the most elaborate and "concealed" interpretation for the letter "T." This "T" is also indicating that you are about to come upon a diamond formation.

This interpretation of the letter T comes from a star formation, and in this formation you will find that this "T" is actually telling you that once you have located the diamond formation (the formation on the ground which is usually made up of large boulders, etc), that you must measure between two points of this diamond (the two points that you must measure from will be given to you either on a rock map found at the site or on a paper map).
So basically, you have to locate this ground diamond, then measure between two of the diamonds points (halfway) and there you will find something of great importance, maybe even the covered opening.

The "T" can also represent the cross. We know that meaning already so I won't go into it.
The "T" can also be used to indicate the depth at which you must you must dig in order to locate the sealed opening, especially if this is the main opening (main openings are generally 22 feet deep).

As I stated earlier, the meanings of these symbols change as you get deeper into the interpretations (as you get closer to the treasure). So how do you know when each meaning is needed at a specific time? It is common sense.
If you're at the main opening and you dig up a rock map with a "T" on it then you know that it's speaking of depth. Likewise, when at an alpha monument and you find the "T", chances are you need to go "20 something." This may mean 20 leagues, 20 varas (to locate a rock map), etc. Again, it all depends upon the signs and symbols found at these monuments, as well as what's found on the rock map.

If this sounds confusing to you, you're right at home. It can be very confusing. I have spoken about the need for treasure hunters to understand many different things. If you gain anything from this post, I want to reflect upon the fact that you need to be aware of where you are in your pursuit of the treasure that you seek.
If your at the alpha, then look at the signs and symbols from an "alpha aspect'. In other words, you are not going to find any signs telling you to dig twenty feet under an alpha sign. Put your interpretations onto the same level (the same depth) as where you are on the treasure trail. Are you at the covered opening? Then interpret the signs accordingly. Any signs at this point will pertain ONLY to the depth you need dig, as well as the death traps that you WILL encounter (but that's another story).

In closing, I wish all Mothers a Happy Mother's Day. To the Mothers who have lost loved ones to War, my heart goes out to each and every one of you.

Stilldigns post and closing speaks of his magnanimous attitude and his generous character !
This post speaks for its self, a little hard to understand at first reading, but as you find your first T,. then reread this as I did, it make total sense! This information is not in print anywhere in the world as far as I know!

this post goes back to August 2004...

Treasure signs and survey lines

Most of you have heard me say before that the number one reason for a persons failure to locate a treasure or mine is due to the lack of truthful information.
There are many, many books on the subject of treasure signs and symbols, and some authors have been pretty creative in their "solutions" to these treasure markers. And it is one of these "creative solutions" that makes me write this post, hoping to set the record straight before anyone tries to apply this solution to their own treasure site.

The "solution" that I will be discussing has to do with survey lines, or, as the book puts it, "treasure grids."
It is very true that surveying was an essential part in the making of a treasure map. Whether we are talking about a Church map, KGC map, pirate map, etc., surveying was needed to help ensure that the treasure/mine could be relocated.

You should also understand that this act of surveying at a treasure site was "backed up" with treasure signs and symbols. These signs and symbols are just as important as the survey lines, since it was through these signs that you would be able to confirm that you were, indeed, on the correct path to the treasure. The reason for this "confirmation" process is simple, there are several "false trails" on EVERY treasure map, and if you were to follow one of these false trails, then you would need to know what you did wrong as well as how to correct your mistake and get back on the right track.

Anyway, in this book, which shall remain nameless, the author states that a treasure grid was needed in order to find the treasures that are found by following a "certain" map. This grid was created by surveying line after line after line, until you ended up with a grid that resembles a tic-tac-toe game design. The treasure was supposed to be in the center square of this tic-tac-toe design.

The reason that the author went into this survey design is because he has a Jesse James treasure map that tells you that you must do this in order to find the treasure. The only problem is, the part of the map that tells you to do all of this surveying is, without a doubt, a false trail. It is a trail designed to take you off into nowhere land, and there you will be lost, or, at least you will be far away from the treasure.

Now, as I said, surveying IS a very vital part in the CREATION of a treasure map, and, here is how it works. When making a treasure map, there IS ALWAYS a beginning point given on the map. This beginning (alpha point) is nowhere near the treasures location (the omega point, the treasures location). So, what happens is that you need to know where to go from the alpha, which includes the distances and directions needed for each step of the way.

Getting to this alpha point is not complicated, you simply make your way to this point in whatever way that you can.

From here on out is where you want to pay particular attention because EVERY instruction given on the treasure map from here on out is given in COMPASS DEGREES and EXACT MEASUREMENTS. And folks, this is exactly how surveying pertains to treasure maps. The surveying, in other words, was DONE ONLY ONCE, and that was at the creation of the treasure map that you are holding in your hands. After the creation of the map, every instruction needed to relocate the treasure room or mine was set forth in compass degrees and exact measurements, and there is not one bit of surveying needed in order to relocate a treasure room or mine.

Now, back at the alpha. As I said, this first instruction from the alpha is ALWAYS quite a distance away. Sometimes it's several hundred feet, sometimes it's a mile or two or three or four, etc, etc, etc,. My point is this, you really don't want to try to measure this first distance given. You can if you want, but I guarantee you, it's a waste of time. All you need to do is this, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE CORRECT COMPASS DEGREE as well as some idea of the distance. Then just start walking in the compass direction given. When you have gone the proper distance, you will find a SIGN OR A SYMBOL, maybe even a large boulder monument, either way a sign will be found that tells you that you are to stop at this point (at that sign or symbol), and that FROM THIS POINT YOU MAKE ANOTHER CHANGE IN DIRECTION, which means that you will also be given another distance to travel.

You will find that when you leave the alpha and get to your next point, your distances will decrease immensely. You may find that from this second point, your next distance to go may be 30 feet or less, and this is when your going to need to start using your tape measure.

I have stated many, many times that once you get the feel for this treasure "hiding and locating" system used by the "family", you won't have a need for paper maps. Just think about it for a moment. When following the instructions on the map, you will, AT EVERY POINT where there is a change in direction and distance, find a boulder or some kind of PERMANENT object that will have signs and symbols on it helping you out.

By getting the knowledge and the feel for these maps, you will be able to spot these "helpers" even though you're just out camping or hiking. And that, my friends, is why I say that you don't have to have a map to locate ANY treasure, just ability. As long as the treasure or mine has been monumented, and as long as those monuments haven't been destroyed, and as long as you have the experience, you will be able to find treasure rooms and mines until the cows come home.

I really don't mind when authors write a book and reveal their "solutions." Most times they will also reveal treasure maps that are, if nothing else, great to practice your decoding abilities. And at the very best, these maps will lead you to great treasures. Again, I don't mind these solutions, even though they are false trails, and therefore useless. But what does bother me is when these authors show a phony solution and then make statements about having located treasures by using this solution.

It bothers me for this reason: someone out there, after reading this book, will think that he/she can apply this solution to their treasure site and "hit it big." And I can guarantee you, if you have used, or are thinking about using this "surveyed treasure grid" technique, then you have not only found NOTHING, but you will never find ANYTHING (using a metal detector doesn't count).

So, unless you're really good, treasure rooms and mines of the KGC and these other groups can be found ONLY with a map, a compass, and a tape measure, and by following the signs and symbols that were set up to aid you in your efforts. But again, remember that there are many "false trails" that will try to lead you off course. I guarantee that you WILL "fall into" these false trails. The question is, are you going to be able to get back on the right course, or are you gonna play tic-tac-toe for forty years?Huh

(ed note, a really great post, where the basic concepts of this style of decoding comes from.

Dign on the number 40 and he number 30

In the books written by Charles Kenworthy we are told about the number "40." He explains how this number can actually be used as a non-number, mainly by confusing you into thinking that 40 feet is a measurement that you must make when in reality the actual distance can be much shorter than 40 feet.

On the reverse side of that thought we have the number 30. This number will be found on paper maps as well as in the field. The number 30 is just the opposite of the 40. In the case of the 30, it is not a measurement that you must make, but instead it is a symbol that you need to locate, specifically, it is the Eagle symbol that you must find.

The letters in the word Eagle add up to 30 and, as you can see, this could cause some serious failure on your part if you try to measure 30 feet. The actual Eagle symbol will be located much further away than the 30 feet that you are measuring and you must locate this symbol in order to move successfully to your next step given on your map or given in code at the treasure site.

( ed note: Another great nugget of information from Dign..)

AS an aside, a friend of mine came in to a written 'letter' from a family in Mexico, the letter was dated in the early 1800's it talked about a sucuessful miner from Spain who had came to Mexico, prospected, and located
an outcropping of gold in quartz. After developing the mine down some 20 feet below the surface, it became richer than ever, with more gold than he could ever use in a life the Mexican revolution was eminent
he packed up his goods, had them shipped back to Spain, covered over his mine, and left the letter for some
family members who were still living in Mexico.
The letter stated go north of this certain village for 40 kilometers look for a certain mountian, there on this mountian you will find some boulders shaped in a particular way..find the stream that flows nearby, follow the stream up to where it splits and follow the right branch. Now look for the spring that comes out of the rock near a large Palo Verde tree..20 paces to the Northeast, stop and dig down 3 feet to find the iron door the closes the entrance..below is 10,000 peso of worked ore, ready for shipment, and some gold coins.

Well my friend traveled the 40 kilometers and never found the particular mountain that was called for in the letter, after a week or so of searching he gave up and returned home to the USA. A few years later, I ran across
Dign post and told my friend of this news, the number 40 was meant as "a time of completion" as in the biblical reference to " it rained for 40 days and 40 night" or "Moses wandered in the desert for 40 years" wherein the number 40 is not the actual number..but signifying " enough" as it were. So my friend was to go North of the village UNTIL he saw the correct shaped mountain, intead he simply drove by it , with his attention focues way to far down the trail..good lesson...good decoding of the number 40 by dign,.

in the meantime , life happens and my freind now is married and has 4 kids and not much time for ole Mexico and the adventures of his youth.,.but some day he promises me that we will go once again in to the outback of Durango and look for this mountain and what it may hide. Thanks to Dign, we now stand a great chance to find the goods.!

Another good post form our buddy..StillDign

Those information boulders

Chances are, you have located a large boulder with information on it near a treasure site. It's common knowledge that there may be info carved on this boulder, but what you may not know about is the fact that many of these boulders have other smaller, partially buried rocks, that surround these large boulders. It's these smaller rocks that are actually giving you the information to all of the mines and treasure rooms in that specific area.
The large boulder may not have ANY info on it at all (they are set up simply to attract your attention, and to get you to go over to it), but when you climb up on top of these boulders and look at the ground surrounding it, you will see any number of these smaller partially buried rocks. There will be one rock for each mine, etc.

Again, a compass is needed so that, as you stand on this boulder, you can take compass directions to these smaller rocks. And again, take a measurement from the large boulder to these smaller rocks in order to get distance to these mines, etc. Some of these rocks may be close to the boulder, while others may be as far away as 50 to 75 feet or more. Remember, one foot equals (approximately) a hundred yards.
These types of "information centers" are, to me, one of the very best that you can locate, mainly because of the ease in reading the info needed to get you to your treasure/mine. These boulders are, quite literally, a "clearing house" leading the way to billions of dollars worth of treasure and ore.

(ed note, again this information is in NO book or magazine that I have ever seen! - I don't know the source of Dign information, but where ever it comes from , it is not in the mainstream, it is not published, it is original and what I have used had worked out every time to be exact and truthful. That is why is it so important that other treasure hunters see and learn about this information - despite what professional naysayers* think.

Dign ask us to look down the road and get...

the BIG picture

There is a problem which occurs with all treasure hunters, and, to be honest, it happened to me. The trick is to recognize this problem and then proceed to break away from it as quickly as possible.

The problem that I am speaking of is what I call "local mentality." Local mentality occurs when, as treasure hunters, we find treasure signs and symbols in our "backyards", or more specifically, in our local areas. What happens is that we tend to think of our local treasure sites as "individual" sites, sites that are unique and separate from other treasures around the country, with their own signs and symbols, etc. We don't look at these local sites as being a small piece of a very large puzzle. We don't realize that we have is a small piece of the "Big Picture."

As your ability with deciphering treasure signs and symbols increases, this big picture will reveal itself to you. This revealing comes in bits and pieces, but soon you will be able to put enough of these pieces together to view this system of treasure signs and symbols for what it truly is. And the truth is, no matter what kind of treasure you are hunting for, whether it is Spanish, Church, Pirate or KGC treasure, you will be using the SAME EXACT SYSTEM FOR EACH. This using of the same system shows a "big picture" that involves all of these different "groups" working for the same "family." ~~~
Words of wisdom, from a man who knows, and knows enough not to fall into the silly trap of posting
on daily fines..hahaha that is for coin shooters. Not treasure hunters. Silly little girl.

"take me Spanish caravan - yes I know you can - to the silver and gold in the mountains of Spain"..the Doors


Here Dign talks about the letter W, a morphed version of the M...

Some of you have no doubt located the "W" monument at your site. The W is nothing more that an upside-down "M".
The M is a symbol of the owl (owl of Minerva).
When locating a W, remember that the W has a numerical value of 23. The 23 translates back to the letters "B" and "C".
The B, as I stated before, is a "closed up" 13, which is another symbol of the owl. We have two indicators for the owl, so we know that we will locate a treasure room at the end of the trail.
The "C" is the Roman Numeral for "100." Put all of this info together and you get, "From this "W" go 1300 feet to the treasure room location." Which direction do you go? There will be signs there, at the "W," telling you which direction to go.

As I dig into other website and uncover more of Digns wisdom, I will make additions ( in this section)to this very post. so that his data can be displayed for quick reference and your student workbook! Without the interuptions and hijacking that is sure to follow by the bad actors, i mentioned above.
IN light of posting about the basics I want to post what to look for in terms of confirmation signs.

Mother nature can morph phantasmagorical shapes with rock and stone, with wind, water and time, that may accidently look like some animal or critter. The Jesuits knew this, and used it to hide and keep hidden there very valuable mines and caches. I call this back ground camouflage, what separates out this background, shapes, that lull you into doing what amounts to 'cloud reading. Confirmation. With subsequent signs we only have "art" pics, not Treasure Monuments. What is confirmation and how does it work? The following will help you get started.

1. Take photos, but take them at the correct time, otherwise the will not help you at all.
2. Take all phots from 11am - 1pm, with your back to the sun, NO errant shadows please
3. Look for the break or hole in the stack of boulders, this is called a Hoyo, this is Spanish
for hole and is the Number one confirmation used by the Jesuits and the Spanish!
Stand square to this hoyo, that is stand where you see the most of the sky exposed thru
this hole, as if you are off to one side or the other you can 'distort' this hoyo! The hoyo is
really a type of 'data center' as it shape will tell you huge amount of information that you need
to get to the Omega and the goods.
4. The very shape shape of the Hoyo will tell you what to look for or where to go to proceed
The purpose of the Alpha according to Dign is two fold Distance & Direction!
5. Once you locate the Omega, this is be much more subtle and obscure. In certain cases I have
found 'ground hoyo', where you do not see the sky thru the hole but the ground instead!
Here you will be given the cluse thru confirmation makes of the final locations of the goods.
It is not always a final geometry, sometimes it is simply a compass heading. That is why it is
critical to good over your pics with a fine tooth comb.
6.On Alpha and Omega Monuments, look for faces, people, or animals, letters or numbers or
combination's of both, without these you just have pretty pic to post or hang on the wall
7. Dont forget the shadows, the code makers knew we are trained to ignore the shadows and they
hide their most important confimation and clues in these shadows! Fact: All Alphas have a very
distinctive shadow symbol, with out this, your on the work track. They reason is that the shadow
is only visiable for a few hours per day, thus maximum security for accidental sighting, AND this
shadow is only visible for a few months of the year!! A double layer of security overlaying this very
critical aspect of the building of monuments!

Now the meaning of the following signs and symbols are very important and I will include them here..

A. Letters- as in Digns post you can see that he letter encode lots of data and you need tofind
them on your Alpha, without some letter or numbers no real monuments exist.

B. Numbers - again refer to Digs Data, to decode these number, if there are just one number,
it can be a distance, if two or more it can be a compass heading, if it is a combination of letters
and numbers then it is quite possible that you have a Bible verse..ex. P8 which stands for
Proverbs, Chapter 8.etc. D4, D5, J8

C. Bible verses can contain actual measurements and clues as in J4, but usually I have found that they
are used to give you the tenor or tone of the caches, whether is was done under duress or in tribute
retribution, or lamentation. They are to me the confirmation of the Jesuits, no one but them would
use the Bible as a from of a Code Book. They knew that future generations of the Brethren would
have the key to these puzzles on them at any given time and that the words , in even thru trans-
lation, would not change enough to change the clues. It just makes logical sense.

While there will be complaints, this is NOT one sided posting... BUT I am only going to recognize True Treasure Hunters, NOT critics who only want to debate some obscure academic point that is meaningless in the world of treasure hunting. If you see Treasure Hunting 101 taught in a University, then I will reconsider my view point, until then...
I rest my case

"even in shallow water , some people can get in over there head".......dign4it


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You asked for proof. Isn't that the same as asking why anyone should believe what the poster is saying? Well, I'm simply asking you the same thing. If someone wanders onto this thread and has to make a choice on what they can accept as truth, what can they do? Are YOU able to offer them anything that might lead them in the right direction?

Seems to me that this started out as a pretty good post. As for proof- I and others need to wear out some boots and find out what we think from our own experience . I would like to read more . Jim

Thank you!
This info is pure 24K.

Thanks Rangler for the thread...
I for one would love to hear what you have to say.
I don’t need documentation to confirm your information
For I am an open minded free thinker
For one to become informed one must stop and listen
Tell me all you know and I myself in time will put it to the test

As you know I love the field work, the being in the outdoors
The adventure of the hunt
I have wore out many of boots and machetes
And photography is my documentation

Lost Horse


I thank you also Rangler,I have spent years running around in circles.When Kenworthy came out with his books they
opened my eyes to what I was really missing.These forms sure help fill in some of the cracks and help keep me focused.
Wondering around with out knowledge or any know how wasted a lot of time,but it still was a learning experience.

Gracias............... Rangler !!!

" Enthusiasm without " Knowledge " is like running in the Dark !!! "

Dear Rangler;
In your very first post on this topic, you wrote:

"Now there are of course a few tiny exceptions but basically the Jesuits/Spanish/Templar/Masonic Code is ultimately breakable."

My question is, did you break this code, my friend, and if so, you break on your own, or read a book(s) or did someone assist you? Also, how difficult is this code to break? Can a person with average intelligence crack it, or does a person need some sort of intimate knowledge on the subject?
Your friend;

Rangler Wrote " Once you locate the Omega, this is be much more subtle and obscure. In certain cases I have
found 'ground hoyo', where you do not see the sky thru the hole but the ground instead! "

Would you please give an example of this.


The train robberies that were alluded to at the beginning of this thread has me curious as to whether or not the Famous Reno brothers from Indiana were a part of the conspiracy or just independent outlaws. Perhaps you could shed some light on that for me.

Their last train robbery took place very close to where I live, they were captured soon after and as far as has been publicized the money was never recovered.

Also curious, they basically robbed post offices, treasuries, courthouses, and trains. Plus after being captured by the Pinkerton's some were kidnapped and hung by hooded vigilanties who made sure they did not stand trial. The rest of the captured gang were taken to the most secure jail around at that time in New Albany Indiana for their safety. where they were also hung by hooded vigilanties after breaking in to the New Albany jail to get them before they could stand trial.



There were many reasons why train robbers went into that business.
There was a group of bandits out here in my part of the country who had a grudge against a particular railroad.
when they robbed a train it was always a Union Pacific.
Much like the James Gang before they were really persued ... they picked only one brand of train.
research will tell you a lot about the reasoning behind some of the train robberies.
It will also tell you if they were as selective as history says, or if they were just indiscriminate robbers.

I refer to the original "Wild Bunch" with Butch and Sundance leading the group.

The result of capture by a 'Hanging Posse' is the reason we have so many good turn of the century treasure legends.
They would often cause the offenders to take the critical info to the grave.

Olddog Wrote " The result of capture by a 'Hanging Posse' is the reason we have so many good turn of the century treasure legends.
They would often cause the offenders to take the critical info to the grave."

Same thing with Spanish/ Church Treasures. Most of them Killed by the " Mestizo " retaliations/ up risings.

Part of the Reno brothers' gang fled to Canada before being captured. The loot could be just about anywhere.

Cache Crazy said:
Part of the Reno brothers' gang fled to Canada before being captured. The loot could be just about anywhere.

Yes but that was an earlier train robbery where several of the gang went to Canada.
I am referring to the last train robbery when all remaining gang members were caught soon after and the loot was not recovered.


Rangler Wrote " Once you locate the Omega, this is be much more subtle and obscure. In certain cases I have found 'ground hoyo', where you do not see the sky thru the hole but the ground instead! "Would you please give an example of this.

Take a look at this pic,the Omega Hoyo is in the shape of a Mushroom, and in code, this means a cache, as you look at it you will see the grass thru the hole, notice all so the dark pointer, just before that you see vague shape of a bear face, this all adds up to tell you ,, "a cache is hidden right here, but is death trapped."

omega hoyo1.JPG
(c)copyright 2007-all rights reserved
a great sign awesome in its execution, the hoyo IS the data.


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