Trench art lamp


Sep 6, 2017
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I acquired this beauty at a second hand store, neat story read on..... I'm a treasure Hunter like to the thrift store environment and upon discovering a new treasure trove I hurried through the door. Immediately the shop owners mother and I struck up friendly conversation as I shopped around. Just as I got comfortable there was a loud pop or bang from the area of the front door, the woman behind the counter jumped to her feet and hurried over just as I landed back on my feet (I jumped about three feet in the air) she said angrily " I'm so sick of this thing slipping and making that noise I will cut you a good deal on it to get it out of here, it's called trench art" I guess the artillery shell kept slipping down into the casing and making a very loud bang. I can't find a definitive answer as to when it (the casing) was made and what its worth IMG_20170906_085259108_HDR.jpg IMG_20170906_085739228.jpg View attachment IMG_20170906_085639363.jpg View attachment IMG_20170906_085843761.jpg

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