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Apr 21, 2024
I came across this cut triangle while hiking for wildflowers a few years ago. It looked obviously manmade with the lines and rock seams. I didn't think much of it at the time since it appeared relatively "new". I snapped a picture because it was intriguing, and we kept going. It was in some boulders at the beginning of a forest draw, 1/3 mile from the nearest Jeep road. I'm going to go back for the wildflowers this spring and will probably check it out again. I only have this 1 pic of it without scale, but I would estimate the longer triangle sides are about 2 inches. However, the boulders around it were very large and would not have been easily maneuvered. From what I remember, the triangle was somewhat vertical in the rock faces, at the orientation seen ("pointing" up) I was standing in the area about where the rocks were when taking the picture looking down the draw in the woods. Anybody have a helpful comment? I plan to take more and better pictures, but should I look for any particular other things around the area? Or is this just a hollow find? (pun intended 🙄).
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I came across this cut triangle while hiking for wildflowers a few years ago...
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Interesting find. Almost looks like it was cut with a rock saw, but then two of the sides (bottom and right) are following natural fracture lines.

Do check it out again, and if ya can get a pic of it with the flash on, as that will light up the inside of the triangular space. Also, see if you can find any tool or chisel marks.

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