Two Half Dollars and Roll (40) Quarters Found today at Soccer Complex - NEW Procedure


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Dec 4, 2011
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Nokta Makro Simplex+, Whites TRX Pinpointer, Whites MX5, Bounty Hunter 3300 Discovery, Whites Coinmaster Pro, Whites Quantum 2, Whites 6000, Whites 6DB, Whites Beachcomber.
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Metal Detecting
I wanted to try a "new procedure" to increase my number of "quarter" finds and hopefully increase my "half dollar" finds - and possibly even SILVER finds - and to reduce my number of "up & downs" digging pennies & junk. SO, I cranked up the "discrimination" on the SIMPLEX+ to reject ALL targets below a quarter to see if I could accomplish my GOAL of finding at least 40 quarters (which is a roll) and see if any Half Dollars could be found. THE CONCLUSION? Yes it seemed to work the first time out with a large decrease of "up & downs" and finding $11.11 in total face value which included a total of 44 coins = 2- Kennedy Half Dollars, 40-Quarters and 1-Dime & 1-cent (that was in the hole of a quarter that I dug). ALSO I beat my "$ all time record per coin" to an unbelievable $ .2525 average per coin found in one outing. (Sorry, I know I am a "numbers Guy:thumbsup:")
Happy Hunting & GOOD LUCK Everyone............BILL

P1010266.jpg P1010267 (2).jpg P1010268.jpg

NOTE: The JFK Half Dollars after cleaning:
P1010269.jpg P1010270.jpg
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Apr 19, 2016
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CTX 3030 Nox 800
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Wow! Nice going breaking a record per coin found. Yeah, you are a numbers kinda guy and it definitely shows on this hunt. Keep 'em coming wlb. Congrats!


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Dec 20, 2015
Ann Arbor
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Equinox 800
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Awesome job that machine seems to be great on coins Ive done the same with my machine to just dig coins hats alot of quarters and 2 halves awesome. I keep all mine in these huge glass jars I love adding to them it makes finding clad alot of fun and every time I add coins I change the amount which I have taped on the jars Im a little wierd but I love it... Great post.....Tommy
Oct 5, 2014
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Very productive hunt, congrats! :occasion14:

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