unidentifiable symbols on victorian gold ring


Jan 21, 2012
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I found this ring at an antique store. The design and hallmark is still somewhat of a mystery. I've found searching google that the hallmark of the 3 x's means 3/4 gold or 18k but in fact the gold tester machine says its only 10k. Does anyone know what it means?
Also the design, is it a design made by the manufacturer or by someone post the rings creation? What are the symbols called? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated!


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The hallmark looks almost like greek letters ?

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I also found the thread about using X's to indicate gold purity. Your 10K ring with 3 X's could simply mean that the jeweler lied.


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This maker's mark appears all the time on here. On thr last post of this kind that I saw, it was solved, I just don't remember what it was, sorry. Someone will come along and solve it.

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Not sure about the Hallmark,But the side looks like the French flur de lise (spelling)

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It does look close to fleur de lis marking can you take a pic of the other designs on the ring or are they all the same?

Kathy (koolaidsmile) :-)

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The hallmark has two, maybe three characters. What looks like a W to the side(top) is the city where it was made in England. The three prong object tells the year, I think. All this stuff is on google. Can't really see it that well or I would look it up for you.

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