1. Treasure signs and symbols

    Can anyone please tell me what I have here?
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unmarked Vintage Something or Other with Odd Symbol(s)

    I have a tendency, whenever in a Goodwill store, to walk out with just about anything I see that has crazing. And apparently, I don't have to even know what it is. I'm a sucker for old stuff. Like with this piece of pottery here. Not only don't I know whether its ceramic or something else, or...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Found this weird cloth while digging.

    I was digging in my back yard after just moving into my newly built house. I was digging to I can plant a tree and then I stopped because I found some interesting “cloth” like material. The cloth looked very old and was very brittle. There was no tags on it and the designs look a little...
  4. LUE Missing Pages- Do You Have Document Match These Symbols? I have the missing pages

    Hey y'all, Yes... I have now learned the valuable lesson that you cannot edit titles. It should have read: "LUE Missing Pages- Do You Have The Document That Matches These Symbols? I have the missing pages"... Lesson learned. Rather than make a whole bunch of posts, I'm just going to post...
  5. Rock You Like A Hurricane

    Howdy everyone. Gather around the campfire, I’ve got a story to tell. Actually, I’m just here to divulge my find, which would be the “lost” Spanish gold mine in the Hurricane Cliffs Of Utah. And by mine, I mean the entire mountainside of workings. Animals, a giant bell, and even bigger heart...
  6. Curious about this engraving

    I found this symbol on a rock over look and was wondering about it’s meaning or in info on it. Thanks for any help. I hope I have posted this right. Thanks again
  7. Stone symbols

    Greetings for advice. I found such symbols in Slovakia. I'm sure they mean something. The first symbol looks like a fish. It is located about 3 meters from the second symbol. This second fish symbol points to a cave. And these characters are on the second symbol. Near these...
  8. Rock with mysterious carvings found. Need help decoding.

    Hi All! I have found this rock a couple days ago, and I would really appreciate any help anybody could offer regarding decoding/decyphering this rock. What the carvings might be, what it means, maybe some place it leads to, I have no idea. This is how I found it. And also, nearby...
  9. Round disc with letters, symbols

    Steve and I went to a neat old stone chimney site today. The land looked pristine--never been detected to our knowledge, and our mouths were watering as we turned on our detectors. Three hours later we had a nice collection of shotgun shell brass, fruit jar lids, small bits of lead, and not...
  10. Found engravings on rocks in remote place

    Hello members. Could someone please try to help me identify the meaning of these engravings i found in a remote place ? it must be greek or roman. old men says they are sure there is gold somwhere. Maybe there is other symbols i didnt notice this stone is found 20 meters to the right side of...
  11. Treasure Signs and Symbols 101

    I regularly receive emails requesting my assistance in teaching newbies to the KGC field about the treasure signs and symbols they need to look for when searching for clues to KGC depositories and caches. I usually invite them to join our BBAM group where we have many experienced and...
  12. Need Help!! 200 Treasure Maps from WWII

    Hi everyone, My hobby is searching for Yamashita Treasure from WWII in the Philippines. I have come across 200 small maps indicating "Targets". I have scanned the red square area with 3 different scanners and have all located metal, precious metal and AU, though I have not dug it yet. The...
  13. Hand gesture in old photo

    Found an interesting old image of John C Calhoun and just wondered if anyone knows what the possible meaning of the hand gesture is if any. Thanks for any ideas.
  14. Help whats the meaning of this

    I'm a new member.... any idea or enterpretation of this shapes we found in a whole
  15. Symbols on Big Rock - Could be a mine?

    I'm concerned about this painting that was found on a big rock. It appears to be a snake and a tilted cross with 2 saddlebags hanging. If anyone knows the meaning and could help me, please help. This could be between 300-900 years old.
  16. Armchair Quarterbacking LDM Legend.. even Experts are guessing

    Member RANGLER kind offer to diagnose Treasure Signs! A Great Free Service from a fellow TNeter. please don't abuse or post any negative comments to RANGLER..:)...
  17. LDM LEADS?

    Now I know what most of you are going to say, and I cannot wait to hear from each and every one of you.
  18. Big Stones with Possible Treasure Hunt Symbols

    These stones were from our farm and we made interest about treasure hunting stuff. To those treasure hunters who want to work with us, just contact these numbers: 09078251908 or 09352102738
  19. Hello Im new.

    Hello I'm new. Howdy, mostly interested in signs and symbols of all origins and their meanings.
  20. Hello Treasure Hunters

    Hello everyone I am cakoy. I am a filipino and I would like to ask any help from you guys regarding hidden yamashita treasure in the philippines. So if anybody who can describe a sign then lets talk.. Have a nice day! Keep digging!!!! yeah!