Update To My Fossils-Related PDF Print Book--In Search of Vanished Ages


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Sep 17, 2014
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Just updated my downloadable pdf print-book In Search of Vanished Ages--Field Trips To Fossil Localities in California, Nevada, And Utah. It's available for free download over at Field Trip Book.

The volume is now up to 144,998 words--equivalent to an above-average-sized hard cover work of standard nonfiction. Runs to 360 printed pages with 36 chapters and 38 individual field trips to places of paleontological interest; also includes 78 photographs--representative on-site images and pictures of fossils from each locality visited. In total, including images, the pdf file is equivalent to about 362 pages in standard nonfiction 6 by 9 inch hard cover format, with an average 400 words per page.

The print-book now contains the following four field trip additions:

Plant Fossils At The La Porte Hydraulic Gold Mine, California

Fossil Plants, Insects, and Frogs in the Vicinity of Virginia City, Nevada
Field Trip To The Alexander Hills Fossil District, Mojave Desert, California

Plant Fossils In The Neighborhood Of Reno, Nevada

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