Use your psychic sense (ESP) to increase your valuable finds.


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Apr 15, 2004
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Use your psychic sense (ESP) to increase your valuable finds.
We all have a 6th sense or ESP to one degree or another. Here
is how I use that 6th sense to locate the better targets
in a given area.

First just see the target in your mind. A silver coin
or Large Copper cent. Then tell your mind to locate
target in your hunt area, and give you a straight line
or path between you and target. Stand facing hunt area
and slowly move in a clockwise or counterclockwise
direction until you get the feeling to stop. It's a
hunch, an intuition, a mind connection between your
location and desired target.

Now hunt in that exact direction and don't alter your
course - digging every good target. See how often you
will be correct.

I've used in areas that were hunted and hunted by me
and others; where I'd swear nothing else existed that
had not been found, and in some cases dug silver coins
in 20 feet to 50 feet from where I originally stood.

Is it the angle of approach to find some targets in the ground?
Perhaps it is but it has worked for me on many an occasion.

I've located silver coins and large coppers this way. You
tend to have more faith in this when you know silver coins,
large coppers, etc. have come from the hunt area you have
decided to MD.

Can I do this all the time? NO. But have studied psychic related
things for over 30 years, and applied some of what I've learned
in the field - it has paid off for me.

I think anyone can learn to do this: if you believe it is possible
and believe in yourself. It is obvious that you will not find
silver where it wasn't lost or after it left circulation and
was no longer in people's pockets to be lost.

The same with LC's and gold. However, I once was a school yard
dating back to the 50's and happy to dig my silver coins.
But one day I got a signal at 12" down - quarter size. So I dug
it and the coin lay there at the bottom of a deep hole. I looked
at it and thought to myself, oh another destroyed clad quarter
from harsh fertilizers being used on this lawn for too long. I
threw the coin into my pouch and kept hunting away. When I got
home after dark and finally cleaned the coin (big mistake) -
I had found a coin that I didn't even recognize. So I got out
my coin book and started looking. Then I was floored when I found
it! It was no other than a Nova Constellatio with no date (1783-1786).
The oldest coin i had ever found to-date at that time.

When I talked to the ground's keeper, he just laughed and
said, 'well we had one foot or so of soil carted out of here
because of all the rocks. And we had topsoil carted in from
some old Colonial farm! I said, 'oh that explains things!'
Who would have ever considered that soil was trucked in
from an old homestead to that baseball diamond on a grade
school yard? Certainly not me. So really you just never can
tell what you'll dig in an area that 200-300 years of history.

And if you try to use your 6th sense or intuition when
hunting for things - you will find more good things than
you might expect. You will locate them much quicker, you
will save ground and unnecessary tracks, and you will have
a decided advantage over someone who either doesn't believe
in such things, or knows nothing about using their 6th sense
or ESP to help with their MD'ing experiences.


Nova Constellatio with no date (1783-1786)A.jpg Silver_dimes_Qtrs.jpg all taken from same field.

I always feel like im gonna find a jar or silver, but usually find pull tabs maybe my esp sucks...

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