V3i and Ground Probe


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Nov 26, 2007
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Okay I am in the middle of creating a pretty good tip sheet for the V3i and I plan to make some very extensive videos in the future. But since the V3i has been out for awhile there has to be somebody out there that has the answers to these questions:

1) When in Ground Tracking/Ground Probe mode what exactly is the VDI number telling me? What does positive number vs negative number mean? I read it’s the normalized reading but again that doesn’t help me. Does it relate to a VDI number I have for coin IDs?

2) Under Phase what do those numbers mean against the frequencies?

3) I have read conflicting posts on when to hit the zero button one said put the coil in the air, one said put it on the ground away from the target

4) Next to the word Strength is Gain what does that number correlate to? RX Gain?

Any help would be appreciated....



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