want a new better one, which one?


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Nov 10, 2010
North Carolina
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All Treasure Hunting
So I was hobby with Bounty Hunter off the shelf long long long ago.

then I bought ATT Pro from Garrett, which is 'just ok to me' but got me thru alot of years and fun good finds.

being older now and swinging mostly black sand at beach, I do not require an 'underwater level of 10 ft' with my AT PRO cause I ain't going there LOL and being older now I had a shoulder/neck injury which makes this detector 'heavy' to swing for longer times, but bought a harness and I kinda don't enjoy that harness for help but if I must I must in the bitter end of course.

so what I want is BEST DAMN detector, lightweight, for beach only detecting I want to do and can cut that darn black sand down some in any way and just be simple and easy. Price on next detector is not a problem, I want to buy my LAST great detector to take me home ya know and use and enjoy and just 'suit me'.

did alot of research but would love anyone in my boat and what detectors they found to suit my situation now cause experience with them will always beat just online research I am doing.

thanks so much for any info you can shoot my way :)

Zincoln Miner

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Nov 14, 2003
New York State
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Tesoro Silver uMax, Compadre, and BH Tracker IV.

Ex: White's Spectrum XLT, Tesoro Cutlass II Umax, and that circa late 70's red handled junk from RadioShack that started it.
Just curious. Have you ever considered a hip mounted Fisher CZ 21, or hip mounted Minelab Excalibur II?

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