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Aug 1, 2018
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Dear collectors,

Together with the team, we are building a dedicated, free of charge platform for collectors - Ownetic, which enables digitization, presentation and organization of own collections and collector's items, as well as creating your own professional collector’s profile.

Each collector's object - including of course coins, post cards - can be accurately categorized and cataloged into a collection, and described with appropriate parameters. Ownetic is a fantastic tool for managing your collection and for making it easily available to others.

On Ownetic you can also discover other interesting collections: stamps, books, posters, postcards, photographs - these are only examples of what you can find.

Profile example:
Presentation of a stamp:

We are still working on the development of the platform, which was launched on July 2. Most of the functionality and improvements introduced so far was based on feedback from users, therefore all comments and suggestions are welcome.

We also encourage you to ask questions, we will be happy to answer all of them :-)

Hope to hear from you guys!,

Mateusz and Ownetic team

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