Western Photography basics for New Collectors


Dec 3, 2012
Arlington, Texas
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This is the type of great western photo that an amateur can buy very cheaply. I sold a similar copy of this for 25$. That is not a bad price to get a photo like this. You can do a tremendous amount of research on a photo like this, and you get great practice to see the original cards and how the photos are attached to them. :thumbsup:

Many modern fakes are using well printed cards, or even original cards themselves with a modern image pasted to the front of them. Original cabinet cards have original photo process albumen prints pasted on them - the photographs are very thin and pasted on usually with the best methods, leaving little glue residue. The edges of a fake cabinet photo where it meets the card, is too thick - this exposes the fakes, the photographs themselves often do not have a "dot matrix" :hello:

Make sure to practice and study before buying an Native American Indian, Western, or Civil War photograph. Many fake tintypes are also showing up.

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