🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What could these ruins found in the woods be?


Nov 10, 2021
Birdsboro, PA
Looking to identify some ruins found in the woods near the remains of a mid 18th century stone barn in Monocacy, Union Township, Pennsylvania. Near the barn remains, is a small stream or drinking spring bed. One portion of this is lined with walls made of cut stones with tongue and groove wooden boards covering the stream bed. The water is actually flowing over top of the wood. The wood appears very old and looks to be perfectly cut to fit the stream bed. The wood is not rotten or soft. It is solid and hard. I have never seen anything like this before. Could this have been the floor of a building or spring house that was above the spring at one time? It's very odd. Has anyone here ever seen anything like this before?


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Doubter in MD

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Welcome to TNet. Although you've posted pictures (THANKS!) I'm not getting a good handle on what I'm looking at. I'm sure others will be along to offer some feedback.
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May 9, 2012
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The distance to a spring house adds up if it's very far from the house.
But who knows.

I can imagine (easy trait) a board/multiple boards at the downstream side of a reinforced bed to use as a watering trough as the water backs up. But still allow overflow.
Don't want to mess with a spring too much. Some take offence.
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May 15, 2018
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I'm in agreeance with relevantchair. More than likely an old spring house. My great great great grandmothers house used to have one. The were built over streams for the purpose of refrigeration. The constant flow of water would have a cooling property that keeps items with a shorter shelf life edible for longer periods of time. They were also a good source for colder water.
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My vote is for a water trough to a mill. Drinking water and residence would be up the hill, in fresh breeze, above the noise and bugs....Hunt there...!
Welcome to TreasureNet...!
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