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mjb Mike

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Feb 10, 2021
southern mayland
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Found what looks to me is some kind of lead point it is flat and looks like it has a hole in the end maybe some kind of spear tip?????what do you all think???found in the Chesapeake bay also found bunch of wheat pennies a merc and a 1901 Indian head


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Scrounge Wanderer

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Jan 1, 2022
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It is a three ring bullet, likely Civil War era. Likely around .58 caliber. Bullet for sure and smashed by blunt force. Maybe ricochet but never seen one flatten like that from ricochet, but I guess maybe possible with right ricochet. I would put my money on flattened some other way. But still, a Civil War era bullet. A mini ball.
yeah id say 58 cal ran over by wagon
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