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Aug 1, 2012
Nashville TN
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I am 13 years old and have been detecting for almost two years with little gold and silver. in Nashville most all parks are off limits the place i found my only gold was in chicago and would love to be able to know where to look in my town. I also love old coins. based off that what does everyone think the best way to go is off of past experiances. Should i keep searching for parks or try old houses, torn up sidewalks. or tot lots. I would love some help on this.

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I have been hunting for 14 years and all I hunt are school soccer and play fields . They have given up a lot of gold and silver for me .
Good luck !

Also try the local parks where people play ball, I have found several gold rings and silver chains in parks, good luck hope you stick with the hobby

do local parks have the same rules as city, state and national parks?

hey plug cutter. i agree with the folks who have responded. Think about how rings, necklaces, and bracelets will come off of owners. It usually involves water/sweat and activity. The harder the activity, the better. This invariably involves sports or swimming/water sports. I have done well at sports fields - ballfields, soccer fields, green areas where people can play. If you know of local swimming holes - I would hit those repeatedly. Just make sure to hunt with a partner, in case you get into trouble in the water.

I bet if you put your thinking cap on you can find of some spots at schools or in creeks!

Best of luck - hope to see you posting your finds soon.

Here is an idea, get permission to hunt an empty lot. Last year I detected three old houses in a row, but someone had beat me to it. There was an empty lot across the street, and I found a pile of good stuff there. Lots of old coins and a few nice rings. Whoever detected those yards had overlooked the empty lot. Plus people might be more willing to let someone dig in an empty lot rather than their yard. Hope you find a good spot!

Here in Norfolk, VA it's ok to hunt local parks, long as it's not a historical/protected park, most parks in Norfolk are ok
I have only been told to leave at one spot, that was in Petersburg, VA, and I was unaware it was illegal to hunt anywhere
in Petersburg, so if you have any doubts just ask a park employee. I'm sure you have some old parks in Nashville. As far
as I know, state and national parks are off limits, but never hurts to ask :P HH

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