Why not just buy a ship wreck??


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Mar 30, 2014
Florida Treasure Coast
Detector(s) used
Tesoro Sand Shark......
Nokta Pulse dive....
Scubapro Jet Fins...................
Mares Puck dive computer.......
Sherwood Silhouette BCD.......
Poseidon Cyklon 300 regulator...
Primary Interest:
Somebody will be stupid enough to buy one. Just watch.


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Oct 21, 2009
"Clark bought the SMS Markgraf and planned to salvage it, but the fact it's protected as a monument prevented him from doing this. It, and the other wrecks have become popular for recreational divers, but they are not allowed to touch or go with a meter of the wrecks.The new owner would have the right to dive on the ship and be allowed to enter and touch them, while also being able to reclaim items from them. However, they would need permission from Historic Environment Scotland.
It's also unlikely that any kind of commercial salvage would be allowed and any sale would need the consent of the U.K.'s Ministry of Defense before any sale is finalized."

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