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Feb 28, 2019
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Many believe a war could break out between the world's two largest superpowers if a new and enforceable trade deal between the two fails to be implemented. With China finalizing the construction of advanced military bases throughout the South China Sea and already actively seizing Philippine territory, what would happen to the Philippines if the next world war does not end in favor of the United States of America? I'm not saying I believe it won't. I'm only considering the possibility. If World War 3 happens then we can all pretty much assume the world will revert back to the gold standard. China and Russia seem to have been planning this for years now. Both have been frantically stock piling gold bullion more than ever before, while also investing heavily in military technological advancement. My belief is that, (if) the U.S. does lose this war, you can count the Philippines as a doomed archipelago for several reasons. But since this is a treasure forum, I'll focus on one.

If the world economy crashes and the U.S. dollar loses all of its value, isn't the return to the gold standard inevitable? According to many reliable sources, a vast amount of the world's gold reserves are securely buried in locations all over the Philippines. If China finds itself still standing while the U.S. is in smouldering ruins, how could they resist completing what they have already begun to do? How could they resist conquering a territory so abundantly saturated with treasure while no one is left to stand in their way? It is at least something to consider these days. Any thoughts?
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Jul 27, 2016
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Just pray a real WW3 never happens because there be no winners ...The Gold standard is a thing of the past ...the new standard will be food like rice ....And the gold that you mention buried all over the Philippines is long gone with time


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Dec 20, 2015
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Hope Im not around to see what all these idiots end up doing to the world

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