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Jun 25, 2020
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Happy Memorial Day all. I haven't posted much this Spring, been busy relic hunting. Since March I have been hunting a Hunted out Civil war site. A few years ago this site produced Lots and lots of really nice relics including SNY (State of New York) plates and buttons plus some nice confederate buttons, block I and gutter back buckles. Both sides camped & bivoaced there and there were several skirmishes on site as evidenced by the fired bullets Pictured and those I found previously. This camp site which produced the most relics in past has been heavily overgrown, thick brush and grown cover sprang up fast this year. I began in March before the copperheads began to stir and poison ivy flourished. I used my Nokta which grabbed the deep sounds and trusty little gold bug with small loop which danced between the cut nails.
Two Large cents one may be flowing Hair and one 1859 Indian head. an Interesting variety of bullets includes the Burnside with partial cartridge and williams cleaner. Artillery fuse, possible ID tg some badly rekt eagle buttons. But found in one hole was small group of relics which I believe may be a canvas trap cover the four brass gromets iron clips and slide buckles plus a brass nail, a few cut nails. If any fellow "diggers" might have a thought on what this may be please let me know. Thanks. Oh and Ill be attending the Roanoke coin/relic hunters even this Saturday June 3 if any one else is stop by my camper & say Hi
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Oct 18, 2014
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The brass nail that has the diamond shaped washer pinned through it is a boat building fastener....called a strake rivet and rove.....generally more of these would be found near each other.

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Dec 30, 2012
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VERY NICE POSTING :) Thanks for sharing with us !!

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