You Just Never Know..... 1992 Consular Envelope = Unexpected Value


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Sep 9, 2011
Northern VA
Ok, so interesting US postage stamp story. I bought a cardboard box full of envelopes at auction to resell. Pretty much just a hobby, buy low, sell high, having fun researching things.

In this mass of United States envelopes were two Consular Envelopes from 1992. I looked them up, they tended to sell for $2 - $3 each. But a couple of sales were for $90 or more????

So what was the difference? The valuable ones were USED. I guess a used US consular envelope is rare. So my used, ripped up envelopes from 1992 ended up selling for $150!

Mint Envelope (Scott #UO86 ) Looks like this:


Guess I should add - having a postal item that is only 28 years old be worth that much is kindof rare and unexpected. In my mind, the real value only starts for items from the 19th century.

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