Yuba River Gold Sniping


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Oct 18, 2005
Northern California
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Whites and Minelab
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All Treasure Hunting
Yuba River Gold Sniping

When you go Prospecting for Gold it's best to use all your resources that you have available and increase your odds of finding a nice big Placer Gold Nugget or two !!!!
On this Prospecting Adventure we team up with the One and Only Mining Hawaiian and for the day I'm calling him the Sniping Hawaiian !!!!
We start with a Surprise meeting with Ambrosha DeRaps check out the story about her Dad Tim DeRaps and the 5 plus pound Ambrosha Nugget .
Now that we are all jacked up with stories of Gold Nuggets we hit the Yuba River to try our hard at Sniping for Placer Gold Nuggets !!!
Fire up the Minelab SDC 2300 dont worry it's water proof to help us find the Heavies in the Bedrock Cracks and Crevices !!!
All in all a great day spent with a good friend stay cool in the waters of Mother Yuba finding Gold !!!!

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Yuba River Gold Sniping


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