1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Stone fragment with what appears to be Latin letters

    I found this piece of stone on a rocky beach on the Oregon coast. As you can see, it has a small portion of what appear to be concentric rings with markings between the rings which give the appearance of being letters. Something with the shape of the letter “N” appears at least 5 times. Other...
  2. German Grain Chest ???

    Help identify! I just bought this sideboard from FB marketplace, and wonder if anyone has seen a similar piece. It’s two pieces and the top lifts open to reveal hand stenciled paper lining. There are square pegs and dovetails along with very old-looking round nails. The key and lock do work, but...
  3. I know what it is, but not what it was used for

    I picked up this old piece of pine sapwood at a sale this past weekend. It has obvious signs of being carved on to shape it in several spots. The guy I got it from says these were used by Native Americans to make a hole in the soil to plant corn and other seeds. I was just wondering if anyone...
  4. (Possibly faux) Yak(?) Tooth Carved Necklaces

    So my family went to this woman's house who wanted to get rid of stuff the old owners left, and these were in there. I think they might be faux because there was also an elephant one in there from the Animal Social Company. Any ideas what these might be worth/who made them? [
  5. Carved on top of a mountain

    Hi there! How is it going? Does any one of you have any idea what does the triangle shaped means?
  6. Carved Buffalo on antler

    Was curious if this is old, new, or if any of you know about this buffalo. It has been repaired/glued at the bottom of the legs. Any info is appreciated!
  7. Florida Timucua effigy stone

    Hello all. New here and was just wondering if I could reach out to all the awesome people on this forum. I am interested in finding any other examples of timucuan artifacts related to effigies. I have in my posession an incredible carved steatite human effigy from central Florida. I am just...
  8. Wood skull old barn find

    Found in a N. Texas old barn. 5" tall, 4" diameter. What is it and why? Thanks for your help!
  9. Carved bone? Please help

    Ok this was found in the Gasconade river in Missouri. A few other hunters have told me that they think I'm on the right track with fossilized carved bone but we aren't sure. I have found several points and tools in the past but never anything like this. Thanks for any input.
  10. Wood Carved Sitting Pig

    While I was garage sailing a couple of months ago, I stopped into a vintage collectible shop. This wood carved sitting pig had caught my eye. It was $22.00. I never saw a wood carved pig of that size before that I can remember. It stands 10 inches tall to his head and 10.5 inches to his ears. I...
  11. Hand Carved Wooden Folding Knife - Americana Folk Art?

    I came across this in a lot at an auction. Anyone able to tell me anything about it? It's about 6" or so long. I'm on my cell phone, so I can only post a link to the ebay auction for the pics (I will edit later) Edit: Here is the link for pics: Hand Carved Wooden Folding Knife
  12. Ivory and wood hinged box? carving inside... help..what is it?

    ANy thoughts? It looks like a wooden box/book with a carving on the inside. wedding scene? catholic? thanks!