civil war and rev war

  1. ✅ SOLVED Cannonball Identification Help Please

    Hello, I bought a box of five of these "cannonballs" from an estate that had a number of civil war items. So, I'm hoping that they are indeed civil war cannonballs. They weight 3 pounds 10.9 ounces and measure 9-5/8 inches around the center. I'm attaching some pictures. Is there any more...
  2. War of 1812 or Early 19th Century Artifact

    Can anyone please identify this item, brass with Pewter rivets and washers. Stamped scroll work. From a military site.
  3. ✅ SOLVED Copper or Brass item from Military Site

    Sheet brass or copper from a site occupied by military from 1810-1817. I have found several of these. What are they?
  4. Gun part? War of 1812 Item

    Found on a site occupied by military from 1810-1817. Appears to be pewter. No markings.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Please identify this War of 1812 button

    Item is pewter, and as you can see, very small. I can see an Eagle and “RR”? in a circle beneath the eagle. Please suggest a type out of Albert’s book.
  6. War of 1812 Accoutrement or Art?

    From a site occupied by military forces from 1810-1817. Item appears to be brass, but may be pewter. Note pin on the back. No other markings.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Cavalry related item?

    From a site occupied from 1810-1817, and later, but with no Civil War history. This item is iron. Please provide purpose and time period.
  8. FORGOTTEN BOOKS for the METAL DETECTORISTS, 3 groups and a CW Regiment group

    Go to Facebook and type in FORGOTTEN BOOKS for the Metal Detectorists; FORGOTTEN BOOKS for the Metal Detectorists, part 2 and for West of the Mississippi: FORGOTTEN BOOKS for the Metal Detectorists, West. For the Civil War relic hunters: Civil War Regiment Book group. There are 1,000's of books...
  9. Finding historical Areas?

    Hey yal, Ive always been alil bit of a history buff. The other day i picked up a Garrett ace 350 and wanna try it out. I'm In Chesapeake VA and have plenty of beach to comb. However i would love to find some relics (Civil War, Revolution, Ect.) do any of yal know of any good websites that have...