1. 1st Confederate or Union ? 2nd Opinions ??

    Need help to identify the bullet dug in Lovejoy, Ga. 4-5" deep. Size ..... Length .955 +- .003 - Diameter .577. Don't know weight. Photo of Flattened lead found this past weekend in Stockbridge, Ga. Just by feel, it's weight is of the Enfield bullet. Opinions ?? Thanks y'all ...
  2. Solid Brass Block I Confederate Infantry Button

    I found this button about a year ago and hold it as my most prized button find. I am posting here per the request of a fellow TNet Member & Georgia resident. 23mm Diameter, 9.83g. If anyone has any specific information, date, etc on this piece, I would be grateful for the information.
  3. Found a old 13 star confederate flag need help to find out if its authentic

    It was found in a old general store in north ga chatsworth ga to be fact
  4. another odd button find

    I found this, some broken kettle parts, and some broken horse shoes while looking for a confederate camp that's not well documented, way out in what is now a heavily wooded and tick infested area. To me it bears a strong resemblance to a pelican but is just different from the typical Louisiana...
  5. Confederate Gun Part?

    I dug this brass object in a Confederate Campsite. It looks poorly made, handmade, hand drilled, and stamped with two crude "7"'s. Any information about this will be helpful. Thanks!
  6. It's been a while since I've found one of these!

    Was able to get out yesterday to a permission that I've been to twice, but wasn't really able to hunt it then due to tall grass and stormy weather. Not much on Quantity, but Quality makes up for it! This place was really a shot in the dark! After about an hour of searching, I had a .69...
  7. Civil war hat pin? Insignia?

    I dug this pin looking relic from a civil war site in North Carolina and I have no idea what it is. Maybe it's civil war? I don't know. Anything helps! Thanks :)
  8. WTB: Confederate Relics!!

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, however, I'm a private collector in NY and am interested in Confederate weapons and accoutrements, both dug and non-dug. Please pm me should you have anything you're willing to part with! Thank you. -George
  9. Confederate Cannon ball fused.

    I found this bad boy yesterday hunting with some friends in GA on private land not far from a major battle. I didnt get a much of the dig on video because most of the huge iron was plow points and I honestly thought that this would be more of the same. It was super shallow in the edge of a creek.
  10. ✅ SOLVED Friction Primer Part???

    Okay, just how does a novice tell the difference between a piece of junk wire and a piece of wire off of a friction primer? I saw a post elsewhere and it got me thinking of a piece of wire I found over a year ago that I still have kicking around. I kept it because of what it was found near. I...
  11. My first Civil War bullet found in my front yard! (Video)

    Hey today i decided to go hunt my front yard. I have already found 36 square head nails that i have been told were used with supply crates for the troops. well they would burn the crate and the nails would be left behind! so i want a little left of the area and BAM! A Nice 87-90 id number and...
  12. Confederate Mothers Memorial Park Russellville. AR.

    Confederate Mother's Memorial Park Russellville. AR. WHERE: Confederate Mother's Memorial Park 1915 South Glenwood Avenue, Russellville. AR. This city park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a significant historic site. Three monuments dedicated to the Mothers of the...