1. ❎ SOLD Minelab E-TRAC with Extras - Price Drop

    For sale is a gently used E-TRAC that I no longer need. It comes with lots of extras listed below. The screen is scratch free, I have always used a screen protector cover over the entire control housing to protect it. There is also a “Pro-Tector” cover on the grip, which still looks like new. I...
  2. Monitoring metal detection

    I'm new to this area, so please don't blame me if I ask strange questions. I would like to know if it is possible to design and make my own metal detector that can see the response or dynamics of the implementation of the metal detector through the display.
  3. Are There Any Southern Arizona Treasure Hunters Around?

    I plan to move to Tucson in early-mid Aug. Do you like that area? And are there easy legally permitted areas to metal detect that you would know of? I want a detector soon after I relocate from Carson City .
  4. MWF Metal and water finder tech.

    Somebody has heard or try technology from these guys?! I just can't find any review. I'm particularly interested in their spark (gold nuggets) product. If someone know about their products and if they are worth it let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  5. White's MXT, No Volume. :(

    There was already a thread about this, posted here: MXT E-Series Eclipse 950 I have the exact same issue. Cosmetically and functionally the unit is great. But, the speaker doesn't work. With...
  6. Looking for somebody’s old metal detector.

    Hi everybody, I’m really interested in trying out metal detecting and seeing if it’s a hobby I’d like to pursue and I have a feeling it will be. Anyway, I don’t have much money to spend on one so I was wondering if anybody had an old one that they could part with for under a 100 dollars. I know...

    Good morning, guys who can I talk about this device TITAN GER 1000 GOLD DETECTOR if it really works because there are some videos on the yuotube showing the functionality more I have a lot of doubts about it the supplier guaranteed that it works as shown in the video but I don't know if it is...
  8. FOR SALE!!! NeW! Metal Detectors Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B Standard Diver Kit

    Metal Detectors Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B Standard Diver Kit Hi everyone!:hello2:
  9. My first silver coin! 1942 Nickel

    I know its only 35% silver, but that's more silver than aluminum!
  10. First time magnet fishing, what did I find??

    Went tubing down a river that doesn't allow power boats and I pulled this up. mostly pretty shallow, anywhere from 1 foot deep to 10 or so along the whole thing. It is all metal and the inside piece comes out and only fits in one way. It is about 8 inches long. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  11. Australian finds A$100,000 gold nugget using metal detector

    An Australian man has unearthed a 1.4kg (49oz) gold nugget with a metal detector while wandering Western Australia's gold fields...
  12. What detector ist best for finding meteors?

    thanks a lot
  13. Need some Advice

    I currently have a fisher f22 but just received a Titan 9000. Which one is better? I am still VERY new at this.
  14. ✅ SOLVED Mangled SILVER square thing?!

    Hello. I found this thing at a middle school by a basketball court by my house. I believe it's silver... not totally sure. WHAT IS IT?! It might be part of an earring or necklace or something.
  15. White's Easter Egg Hunt 2018 comes to South Mississippi

    This year the good folks of South Mississippi will get to participate in White's Annual Easter Egg Hunt... Stay Tuned for Clues as to where the tokens for this hunt are hid... Here's the info from White's below... WHITE'S EASTER EGG HUNT 2018 Are you ready for a nationwide Easter Egg Hunt that...
  16. ❎ SOLD Garrett AT PRO metal detector setup with 2 coils and RNB lithium battery

    This is a Garrett at pro purchased in May of 2016 from big boys hobbies. It comes with stock garrett 8.5 x 11inch coil and garrett 5x8 inch DD coil. Both coils have covers as well. It also comes with RNB rechargeable battery and charger that is less than 1 year old. Stock Garrett headphones and...
  17. What kind of metal piece is this from??

    I It is about 10 in wide and it has one hole chipped on top as you can see. I found it at a beach near Trump Golf Course etc. I am not sure. Can anyone help out asap??
  18. Identify this mine detector

    Hello members: In the '90s I used to be a regular here known as "Silver Fox". Those were the days of Ricardo, EZ Rider, Joe G, Glenn G. I remember their names 'cause they plus others got together at Cloves Lake, Staten Island, NY and we had a TH'ing blast/picnic. Whenever I see anything...
  19. Need Help! Unique detection task.

    I'm looking for some expertise in building a simple detector circuit and coil for a unique detecting task. I would like to keep the information private (for now) since this task is part of a competition. Mainly I need to figure out which type of coil to proceed with and size as well as a home...
  20. KELLYCO Discount!!!!!

    All TNet member receive a discount!! Contact me for more information. Happy Hunting!:skullflag: