dumpster diving

  1. We found 2 abandoned bags full of BRAND NEW stuff!

    We found 2 abandoned bags full of BRAND NEW stuff! Check it out!
  2. I Went GameStop Dumpster Diving! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND!

    I Went GameStop Dumpster Diving! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND! GameStop Dumpster Diving Jackpot!
  3. CVS is a gold mind for medicine!!!

  4. I'm french Dumpster Diver and Youtubeur

    Hi all ! I'm french dumpster diver from France ! I began to do this activity when I saw this new way. Don't hesistate to come on my channel to see how i do dumpster diving and subscribe if you enjoy : 8-)8-) Regards,
  5. Who Enjoys Dumpster Diving VLOG's?

    I'm trying to think of new dumpster diving themed videos to add to my channel, is this interesting to watch?
  6. Chef Mike Indiana

    Hi all thank you for adding me I am a Chef with 25+ years in the food business but I also love Dumpster Diving and Abandoned Places the other night we hit a huge mega haul so I posted the link to the video check it out !!
  7. One of my best dives ever! 43" TV, A Headset kiosk, Xbox One kiosk and more!

  8. I Found a printer that retails for $400 and sold it for over $200 the next day!

    This was a little weird, but when I found this it was literally just sitting on top of the dumpster, which has never happened to me before! But it worked perfectly fine which was awesome!
  9. Had One Of My Best Dives In A While Last Night!

    I got over 10 games in perfect shape, an Xbox One kiosk, over 10 Lego packs, controllers grips, lanyards and more!
  10. Biggest Haul I have Ever Gotten From Five Below

    I had so many bags that my entire trunk was full, my entire backseat was full and I had to have bags on my lap in the front seat!
  11. I Found a Working Xbox One and a Huge Xbox Kiosk!

    For those of you who don't know much about gaming, a Xbox One goes for around $200, and the kiosks go for well over $300! Definitely another massive score for me!
  12. Finally Broke Into The Safe That I Found and well...

    So I tried so many suggestions from you guys, such as saws, magnets, dropping it and what not, but none of them opened it, so I decided to go with the last resort lol
  13. Huge box full of stuff from Five Below!

    I still don't understand why a multimillion dollar company can't afford to donate these things to people in need
  14. Just had one of my best nights at GameStop

    I got a perfectly good working xbox along with 16 games and some other stuff lol I have been going to Gamestops for years now, and it still amazes me how much they waste!
  15. I Found A Locked Safe, and Have No Idea How To Get Inside of It!

    Anybody have any idea how to get into a locked
  16. I Found a HD TV That Retails For $1,500!

    One of the single most expensive items that I have ever found!
  17. Five Below Throws Out So Many Awesome Useful Items! So Fun!

    It amazes me what Five Below throws out!
  18. I Found Around 10 working Games and An Expensive Headset in One Night!

    I definitely had a great night! Hit about 5 different GameStops, and ended up with a ton of games, a nice headset, a charging station and some other cool stuff!
  19. I Had Another Amaziing Night Dumpster Diving At GameStop!