1. Ring identification.

    Can anyone help with identifying and maybe evaluating this ring? It's previous owner who has passed away now, was a treasure hunter, Someone has told me that he has seen it with him long ago, and asked him where it was from, and he said that someone either from afghanistan or yemen gave it to...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need Help Identifying: 3 rocks smoothed into spheres

    Hello Treasure Hunters and Rockhounds, I'm hoping you can help me identify these three rocks that used to belong to my late father. He was an avid rock and gem hunter and had these three rocks in his collection when he passed away. They are purple, green and brown rocks and all 3-4 inches in...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help to identify. Found in a creek looking for garnets.

  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED unknown item . Jade?sapphire? Help?

    This is not easy to come by iv got plenty of jade I mine myself some newly discovered but This is jade when I eye ball it but it tests higher like serpentine or sapphire and Ruby on my presidium gem tester 2? Idk ? What it is but it’s hard has seemingly bacteria shaped long lines in the white...
  5. Morristown mines and gem stones

    Hello this is my first post here. I live in Buckeye with the white tank mountains in my back yard. I do a lot of single track dirt biking in the white tanks, and then all the mountains over by lake pleasant in Morristown. While riding in a wash in Morristown I seen a small opening in this over...
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying these rocks please

    Please help me identify these rocks
  7. ✅ SOLVED Crystal ID

    I've been hunting this crystals origins and haven't nailed anything down. My closest guess is a type of Prehnite however I cannot find anything with this much color. Thanks in advance and happy hunting! Medium transparency No knowledge on Mohs I'm colorblind so I won't guess at the color...
  8. Possible Chondrodite Found in Ohio?

    Hey Guys, First post here. I was digging in my yard about 1 foot down and I found a couple rocks that looks like this. Some are just crystals that look like glass and come attached to a rock. Is this possibly chondrodite? Any help IDing would be awesome! Would be willing to send a small one for...
  9. Good gemstone shop vs bad?

    Hi there, my name is Timothy and I'm brand new to this forum (...technically I'm new to every forum on the planet lol). Anyway, I have a question I'm hoping maybe some of you can help me with: My friend runs a gemstone store, she knows her stones and does great quality work, but the site she...
  10. Possibly nephrite jade?

    Is this Possibly nephrite jade? Anytime i see green stones something jumps for joy inside of me lol. could this be nephrite? Any information would be appreciated.
  11. Garnet find!

    I found this loose nugget of garnet in nor-cal. light can penetrate it but not to the center. I am unsure if its pyrope or almandine but it weighs 40.69 grams 203.60 carats I've never found something so awesome to me not only that, but its my birthstone lol
  12. Found this at a river

    I was at the river looking at stones and came across this blue rock that was shimmering from tiny orange-ish gems around it. any information would be most delightful as ive look all over the net with no luck.
  13. Western NC-- Looking for Advice!

    Howdy! My folks recently bought property in Western NC (Bevard/Hendersonville area) and I was wondering how I can trek out into the mountains and find myself some gems/minerals. I've done a good bit of Google-ing, but it seems to me that the only options available are commercial mines, which I...
  14. Mysterious Gem Rocks Need Identifying

    These rocks were found in Greece just off spinalogka. On the top of the mountain. Had the ten years and never knew what they are! Please please please help! Thanks in advance Please see link

  16. Is this Dolomite

    I believe this is pink Dolomite.Im still learning. I was told pink is rare?
  17. Looking for a club or prospecting partners

    Looking for a rock and mineral club/gold prospecting in or near Asheboro, NC
  18. Need a little help identifying these?

  19. Help identifying a rock ?

    Hello! I am hoping someone here can help me identify a rock? that I have. It belongs to a friend who believes it to be agate. To me, it looks like someone had playdough and crumpled it up in their hand and left it to get hard. It has the perfect shape and placement of where fingers would be...