1. Ring identification.

    Can anyone help with identifying and maybe evaluating this ring? It's previous owner who has passed away now, was a treasure hunter, Someone has told me that he has seen it with him long ago, and asked him where it was from, and he said that someone either from afghanistan or yemen gave it to...
  2. Vintage Bracelet looks unusual

    Hello! Please help to identify the name, style or any information about this bracelet. There are no any marks. Thank you!
  3. My Jewelry Collection

  4. what is this dark green translucent stone

    I found this in a wash in california northern area. It is 3 inches by1 1/2 inches with a white steak - I thought it might be Jadeite. it can be scratched with a knife and is translucent along the edges . Any Ideas? [ATTACH=CONFIG]1866579[/ATTACH
  5. Help needed to identify rough stones and chips, thoughts please!

    Hello all, I have little experience with gemstones and found these with a collection of jewellery at auction. Not the most exciting treasure hunt but an unexpected find still! I understand its difficult to tell from photos but can anyone see anything that would indicate what they are? I...
  6. HELP! Unknown Rock

    This was found in Southwestern South Dakota near the Black Hills. Can anyone tell me what type of rock it is? Thanks in advance.
  7. Rock or Gem Identification

    I recently returned from a few months of working on a farm in Idaho. I’m going through all my finds I stumbled upon in the desert and mountains..going to post the mystery rocks/objects the next few days but I’ll start with just the simple stuff. Any info/opinion is welcome ! This rock is heavy...
  8. Need help with this odd ring?

    A friend of mine found this and has no interest in collecting they found it on accident and i cant find anything on it so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time.
  9. Can any can anyone tell me what this stone is

    I found it while Rock hunting in Missouri I found a lot of gemstone silver ore iron ore
  10. ✅ SOLVED Minerals/Gemstones

    Hello I just found a box of a bunch minerals and stones and have no clue what most of them are! They could be real or pieces of colored plastic, I do not know. Here is one, I have MANY others. looks like jade colored spheres on a grey rock, light, but heavier than it looks (probably not...
  11. Is this .25 cent rock RED LAVA???

    Hello. I found this rock at a thrift shop. It looks like it might be lava rock. (Sorry for the bad photos... the color looks like the darker picture rather than the close ups)
  12. How to tell if its glass or diamond

    Hi! I found some gemstones hidden under tree branches and leaves in malta. Anyone knows what they might be. They are heavy, scratch coins and glass easily (colorless or whitish streak) and look a lot like diamonds to me 😊 i dont want to go to the expert yet, unless its verified its not a glass...
  13. Ellensburg Blue, Matching set, Diamond cut, 7.82mm wide awesome?

    This is my first post here, my hobbies include Magic the gathering, pokemon cards, collectables, and finding treasure in all it's forms, I'd like to get more into the metal detecting stuff in the future, but for the past 20 or so years I just find cool stuff wherever I can, and do my best to...
  14. Hello!

    Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well! :) Is there a section within the forum, where I can get help identifying some gemstone rings I have? Also am I able to post photos as a newbie? or are there any requirements to posting photos? Thanks, gemstmnr
  15. Found Large Chunk of Aquamarine Rockhounding

    I found this close to where I live in the mountains. It weighs a few pounds. I know it is aquamarine, but I have no idea what it might be worth. Anyone have any idea?
  16. Strange Crystal in Quartzwith possible gold

    It has a bit of a reddish sheen in the light, and pretty decagonal, but very etched. Anyone have any ideas? This piece is egg sized, crystal is 2/3 size of a penny. any ideas?
  17. Gem Bucket Purchase - Worth the money?

    Hello, I went to this gem/gold mine in person a few months back and had a really good time going through their 'condensed' 5 gallon buckets that were going for $50 each. The setup is quite nice and my girlfriend and I had a great time! The company is called Crisson Gold Mine in Dahlonega, GA...
  18. Gem stone ID

    I found this neat gemstone set in some kind of metal on the sidewalk. It is very heavy for it's size. Any thoughts on it would be great. Thanks,
  19. Real Ruby Test ? I think I stumbled upon a cheap way to see if a Ruby is real!?!?!

    So, I treasure hunt, not really in the dirt, but in thrift stores and such. They have become very educated in the area of whats worth a crap ton of money, and it stinks, but I found what I think might be a HUGE RUBY 7.1 carats, its clean but not completely clean. SO, I tried to figure out how...
  20. need help id this mark and stone plz?

    bought this ring at yard sale.looked nice. nice stone,925 silver, but i cant make out the makers mark? looks like the freemason square and a diamond shape above it? can anyone help? maybe identify the stone too? loooks like smoked qaurts or topaz? sorry but best pics i can get.thanks