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  1. Need help identifying

    Hello everyone, My first time posting here, I’m new to treasure hunting I bought a metal detector about two months ago and on my last outing I found something interesting and I’m having a hard time identifying it. I found it in Orange County Ca in an area that once housed old ranches from late...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED does anyone know if this ring i found in upstate new york is of indian origin

    Trying to identify a couple things I found today detecting a 1800s farm house
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A Face rock? Help please found in nc amongst tons of artifacts...

    Hello this treasure was Found in Lincolnton north Carolina... it appears to ne a teardrop shaped face with an arrow or scar maybe over his/ her / its left eye.... im very intrigued by this piece but I have no clue I what/or who this really is? Has anything like this come abroad I'm very curious...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED found these suspected "meteorites"

    only have two at my disposal but seems to contain fusion crust Is magnetic 1st smaller specimen weighs 125g the bigger specimen is 870g found in the southern Californian desert
  5. Vertabrae?

  6. Help identify garnet or glass?

    Need help finding out weather what I bought as garnet small rough is real or glass. Any help would be great pieces are shiny like glass all over and edges are sharp. Some look better then others but still seem very glass like. I am knew to the natural stone game so if someone can tell if real or...
  7. help identifying this rock/gem

    I got a mining bag with different miscellaneous rocks in it, I was able to identify most, but I'm struggling to find anything online that looks like this one and it doesn't look like any of the gemstones on the sheet that came with the bag. Any ideas?
  8. Found Antique Bell, can anyone help ID?

    Hello, new to the forum. Hoping someone can help me identify this antique bell (At least we assume it's a bell) we found on our NH property. There appears to be "EV" carved into 2 corners, not sure if that would be a maker mark or something else... There's also a metal rod with a loop on each...
  9. Can someone please help me ID a few Rocks? Gems? Fossils?

    Hello every one I am new to the forum! My name is Taylor, from Marysville, Washington. I have a collection of items, I am not sure what they are. I would appreciate any info you may have.
  10. Found odd ceramic piece today - need help identifying it!

    I was walking my dog today when I found this partially sticking out of the ground. I dug around a little and exposed more of it. It looks like some type of ceramic dish, but I have no idea what it really is. I would like to know more about it. The land I live on was used to travel from the...
  11. Found a old 13 star confederate flag need help to find out if its authentic

    It was found in a old general store in north ga chatsworth ga to be fact
  12. First find with AT Pro - need help identifying

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. Recently bought a Garrett AT Pro to do some relic hunting. My first find was this strange piece. It's very heavy, probably lead and looks pretty old. I found it in the US Virgin Islands next to the ruins of an old stone wall. I was thinking it might be...
  13. weird metallic rock

    so i found this a few years ago on a secluded beach that had no trash, just a lot of shells and interesting rocks. always been interested in finding cool rocks but never found anything that i thought was worth researching. this one is not like any ive ever seen. its been sitting on a shelf for a...
  14. 1739 britannia button, please help with history

    Hi i am new to the sport and would love some input, thank you all
  15. Found heavy emblem, help identify

    First time on the forum, so hello all. I recently gained access to a property where a fort was established in 1783 and amongst the items, here are a few in question: Sorry, not used to uploading photos. The one I am most curious about is the large triangular piece, it weighs a good 6lbs or...
  16. Please help identify...found in new quartz vein

    Found these about 3 feet in the ground...also found many iridescent covered quartz rocks in this vein if that helps?
  17. Please help me identify the type of mineral in these rocks!

    Hi, This is my first time posting. I'm new to prospecting. I was searching for a silver vein when I came across these rocks that contain minerals. It was my first time using a metal detector(whites dfx). The rocks were located near a small creek in a mineral rich area. The area is known to hold...
  18. Found these TOKENS today. Anyone have any idea what they are?

    This is my very first post to the forum so, Hello everyone! So, I found these tokens today. I am not sure what they are for, but there is a name on them "W.C. Harper" and also the town where I found them in "Port Republic, VA" (my backyard). On the back is a "10" on two of the tokens and a...

    Metal Detected "Maxwell Pitch" today and last weekend, one of the earliest structures remaining from the original toll road up into the mountains (1865). 11 miles from Boulder Colorado. Part of the historic "Switzerland Trail" PLEASE HELP ME IDENTIFY!!! Found this emblem , appears to be...