Can someone please help me ID a few Rocks? Gems? Fossils?


Oct 20, 2019
Marysville, Washington
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Hello every one I am new to the forum! My name is Taylor, from Marysville, Washington. I have a collection of items, I am not sure what they are. I would appreciate any info you may have. ROCK.jpg ROCK2.jpg ROCK3.jpg ROCK4.jpg RROCK.jpg RROCK3.jpg RROCK8.jpg RROCK4.jpg


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Dec 9, 2012
Concrete, WA
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Nokta FoRs Gold, a Gold Cube, 2 Keene Sluices and Lord only knows how many pans....not to mention a load of other gear my wife still doesn't know about!
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Howdy Taylor..:hello:

I've seen other specimens of that glass looking stuff, and it
also came from an area near Marysville. No idea if it's some
type of obsidian, or just slag glass that was discarded in the

No idea on the other stone...but it looks cool!
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Mar 25, 2014
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All Treasure Hunting
The glassy material has a fair few bubbles in it so its either glass as dizzy says or an odd form of opal~ dont see many bubbles in opal but it does happen. Your brown stone looks like agate, I see what appears to be faint bands around the dark core. Welcome to the forum.
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