1. My best bullseye 🎯

    close 2nd is my dalton bullseye but this one takes 1st. Thanks for looking
  2. Broken Quartz Clovis Maybe?? Opinions appreciated

  3. Lenape Indian artifacts from SE PA ID

    Howdy yall, my grandfather found these in his youth, any ideas what they are?
  4. Lenape Tribe Artifacts, what are they?

    My grandfather found these back in SE PA. I believe them to be lenape tribe related. The first one I believe is a fire starter cap, the rest I don’t know. Any idea and age?
  5. Found this nice point

    Any info on type and age would be appreciated. Found in nova scotia.
  6. Authentic???

    I recently purchased this grouping of artifacts from a guy who was teling me that they were found over the years on his farms in Hanover and New Kent County, Virginia. I have no reason to refute his claim other than the fact that after much research I have been unable to find any similar stone...
  7. Found this old Axe head near a Indian heritage sight.

    Hello! Had a interesting morning. Have had a of of rain recently, with a lot of erosion occurring in the front yard. Not only do we live on a hill that has previously been landscaped a total of 3-5 feet of digging to lessen the steep grade, but it's also right by a known river that a Indian...
  8. ARROWHEAD : Lenni-Lenape? - Yadkin Point? - ARROWHEAD

    Hello everyone and happy Sunday! :hello: I recently discovered something astonishing! In late March, I was measuring trees to identify their age. While I was measuring a 110 year old tulip popular tree, I looked down to see what I originally thought was a broken mason jar cap. I was so wrong! I...
  9. Native American Artifacts

    I just started getting into collecting Native American Artifacts. Mostly points but I do collect other things. Thought I would share a photo of my newbie collection thus far. Made the Shadow boxes myself. Inlaid the shadow box lids with buffalo nickels and epoxied arrowheads (fake ones) to the...
  10. Couple of artifacts I found this month in the Tricities TN area

    Hey everyone, I’m very new to Native American artifact hunting. I wanted to share what I found recently. The first piece is a little larger than a quarter. It is made of sandstone, and is not very pretty. The only reason I even picked it up was that I noticed it had been notched in 4...
  11. Finding these never gets old!

    One of two 1865's I found yesterday. I tried a new cleaning method but I was a little skeptical about harming the green patina. Since I had a pair I went for it with one of them. Needless to say I am extremely pleased.
  12. Clay pipe, looks old, found near lake michigan , need your expertise

    I found this clay pipe near Lake Michigan, Green Bay area. It washed up on shore which is amazing but i found it on the shore line it has some damage to it.. i think maybe from a boat prop or something. Still it is in great shape, but i need some help with identification. I have spent...
  13. Copper Bracelet

    Hello. Looking for help identifying this piece of copper. Found it deep on a beach in the dry. I’m adding a picture of a similar copper pendant that is from a Canadien First People’s site. It has all the earmarks of being a bracelet. It has minimal design. I look forward to getting some...
  14. Native American Tool???

    Hello I found this while Metal detecting a beach in Long Island New York. It looks like a lot of Native American Tools that I have found online. Does anyone know what this could be? A rock is not the answer that I’m looking for. I already know that info. Thanks !
  15. NEED HELP...our TREASURE quest. ANYONE have information??

    I will state we have been looking for things for a while. We have come across some amazing things. I believe a treasure vault is not far. We need help to Decipher the clues. We have found all kinds of markings some may have been Jesuit some Spanish. We have located a turtle carving. I will...
  16. Stone Effigy Collection - Tell Me I'm Not Losing My Mind

    Hi, this is my first post. I've attached some photos of some carved animal/human figures that I've found in Stillwater and around Elk River, Minnesota. These are just a few of the more "obvious" pieces, so I'm pretty sure I'm not losing my mind and seeing things that aren't there (friends and...
  17. Carved Buffalo on antler

    Was curious if this is old, new, or if any of you know about this buffalo. It has been repaired/glued at the bottom of the legs. Any info is appreciated!
  18. Ham Creek Site Texas

    T Thought some of you may like to see this publication from 1964.
  19. ✅ SOLVED NE Texas native American?

    I found this on the South Fork Caddo River. Is it an artifact or just an interesting stone?
  20. Arrowhead info please identification

    One of the guys on this site said to post pics of this arrowhead over here. Found this recently in a box of wwii photos. I know nothing about arrowheads. As always, thanks for your help!