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  1. Metal Detecting Ann Arbor Farm House

    I was given permission to metal detect at a farm house of our new friends. I look forward to return as there is a lot of area to cover!
  2. Best Beaches in N.C. and S.C. to Metal Detect?

    Hi, I just bought the Garrett AT Max. Will you guys let me know from your experience, or even from just reading or hearing others speak of which are the best beaches from “More likely” to “Less likely” to find treasures? Thanks
  3. Looking for somebody’s old metal detector.

    Hi everybody, I’m really interested in trying out metal detecting and seeing if it’s a hobby I’d like to pursue and I have a feeling it will be. Anyway, I don’t have much money to spend on one so I was wondering if anybody had an old one that they could part with for under a 100 dollars. I know...
  4. The Smith Estate, It was like a Slot Machine!

  5. Help with identification

    Need help identifying this please.
  6. Metal Detector suggestions for a new hunter.

    Hello, I am very new at this hunting thing and am looking for some advice as to what brand or type of metal detector to purchase. I am not looking to spend over two hundred dollar. Thanks for the help!
  7. Metal Detecting America | Episode 14 New Upload!!! Episode #14 I wanna say thank you to everyone that watches my videos and we are almost to 200 subscribers!!!! I will be having a giveaway at 200 so please subscribe if you arent already to be a part of the giveaway!!! Thanks in advance, if you like the...
  8. Trying to get permission for metal detecting on my campus

    So, today I drove back home from a short trip. A road which I drive many times was closed because reconstruction. So I turned into an alley (another way to my home), then I found another alley which I don't know before. I went in, I saw a big empty land. It looks like there was a building on it...
  9. Trying to find a camera to record metal detecting trips. Any suggestions or opinions?

    Hey all, I have been detecting for some three months now and I just can not express how much I like this hobby. I like to take notes of the things I find and how I find them and I recently came to a conclusion that every time when I find something great, for example, centuries old silver coin...
  10. Old gold ring with engraving of solid gold

    I found a ring today metal detecting a church built in the late 1800's.Can someone tell me something about it or what it is worth? Thanks. I have the fever!
  11. Trying to identify a coin find ... anyone?

    This is a coin I detected on a river bank , not sure what it is the other side of the coin has the same wreath wrapping around the coin, but that is all you can make out. The visible side which you see in the pic is all I've got on this one. Does anyone think this may be colonial ??? Appears to...
  12. At what point does garbage become a relic?

    When metal detecting I always take any trash I find with me. Trash in our countries wild places is an ugly contamination of the natural beauty that other come to these places to experience. The areas I have detected in do not allow the removal of (artifacts) from the ground. So at what point...
  13. Van Zandt County, Texas. Where to hunt? Past experiences.

    Does anyone know some places to MD in Van Zandt County Texas? If you've hunted in this area before, would love to hear your experience. Thank you!
  14. Heading to Vermont - Would like to MD and Pan

    Hi All, I am going to the Sterling Ridge Resort for a wedding this Thurs-Sunday. I will be free for most of friday and will be bringing my metal detector and pan. Im flying into Burlington and will be driving there on thursday with maybe a little time to play/explore, but friday is the day I...
  15. Rockhound / Metal Detecting --> Saying Hi from western WA

    Fairly new to the Pacific Northwest (moved up in 2009) from southwest Florida. :hello: Since moving from FL, I'm now a passionate rockhound since the geology of WA and surrounding areas is pretty diverse. Enjoy seeking out all types of minerals and always learning something new. Have been...