1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Green under natural light, red under UV light. What is it?

    Found off Lake Ontario. I think it looks awesome, but what is it?
  2. The Ideal Mineral Water MFG. Co.

    The Ideal Mineral Water MFG. Co.

    Circle slug plate embossed mineral water bottle with a tooled blob top. Excavated from compacted clay.
  3. Need help with identifying this stone

    Here is some information about the stone: İt's transculent, hard, has moss trapped in it, it's been used for a tool.
  4. What is this?

    I have a few rocks I picked up from Indian Creek near Bloomington, Indiana and I am looking for identification. I was thinking perhaps a jasper, but they are rather heavy for their size. The red on them is very dark and smooth and the yellowish brown is more gritty. They have interesting shape...
  5. what is this dark green translucent stone

    I found this in a wash in california northern area. It is 3 inches by1 1/2 inches with a white steak - I thought it might be Jadeite. it can be scratched with a knife and is translucent along the edges . Any Ideas? [ATTACH=CONFIG]1866579[/ATTACH
  6. Help identify this duel mineral specimen please!

    I have found this on a beach in the west of England. Seams to be quartz invades in something??
  7. what the heck is this thing?

    So it doesn’t have any metal in it. It was just in a hole I dug for something else. It looked odd so I grabbed it. I thought it was a rock. But doesn’t seem strong enough for it to be one. Chunks can break off with enough pressure from my fingers. So I have no idea what this thing is. Did I find...
  8. Please help me identify this mineral

    I found it at the southeast coast of Mediterranean after a big storm. It is not magnetic. That's all I know Here is a close up photo ]1801820[/ATTACH]
  9. HELP! Unknown Rock

    This was found in Southwestern South Dakota near the Black Hills. Can anyone tell me what type of rock it is? Thanks in advance.
  10. fossils (bryozoa?) in chalcedony (jasper?)

    Hi! So I've been finding these really cool and colorful rocks in eastern WY that are unlike anything I've seen before. Has anyone else? There are obvious fossils in what I think is a form of chalcedony (jasper?) but then there are also these little clear crystal agate pockets. The fossils look...
  11. Strange Rock found

    My child found this under the tree in our backyard, I think its Anthracite but would like a second opinion. Researching it, Anthracite is found near mountains or up north and im from the gulf coast of Texas so im a bit confused. Thank you in advance.
  12. I think this is a gypsum or flourite mineral??? What kind do you think it is??

    I think it is a mineral (if it is one)?? Can anyone help me out?? Thanks!! :icon_scratch:
  13. Need help identifying several rocks I found in various parts of Clark County Nevada

    These samples were found just north of the Keystone and Chaquita Mine just west of Goodsprings, Nevada. These two I believe are similar in composition to one another. I simply ground and polished the edge on one of the samples. These were found in crystalized sheets on the outside exposed...
  14. Need help identifying several rocks I found in various parts of Clark County Nevada

    I found quite a bit of these rocks halfway between Las Vegas and Goodsprings, Nevada. Looks like pseudomorphed iron pyrite to me but I will yeild to the experts. I took one of the samples and polished the edge down for no real reason other than just to do it. Has a hardness similar to my...
  15. What Kind Of Rock Could It Be?

    Happened upon this rock a while back but still puzzled as to what it might be. I'm mostly a Native American artifact hunter so you can see why I just had to pick it up lol. Strange shape as if someone made it that way, and if not by some natural means there are 3 scratch/tally marks on the top...
  16. Metal mineral specimen or just welding drip of some sort

    Hi guys thanks in advance for your help. These were in some pails my grandpa used to store rocks or maybe artifacts. Would these just be a welding drip of some sort or a metal mineral specimen?
  17. Please help identify this stone

    Hi. I'm new here. My bf found this rock in Northern France near a small creek in the ground where there was an abundance of lime. I thought it might be diopside but I'm not certain. Can someone help me identify it?
  18. :blob1: detecting I found this rock gem ore. I need help identifying it.:blob1::blob8

    I think its some kind of polybasite or silver minerals or lead. It is very heavy this one rock weighs 20 lbs. I'm a novice in geology. Please help me identify this. If anyone has a tip please any information is so helpful.
  19. Southern Rockhounds, I need your help!

    Hello TN! Me and my friend are taking a road trip from Michigan to Tennessee and Kentucky. We will be staying in the Gatlinburg area but are looking for some places to rockhound nearby. Does anyone know of any good spots? We have a pretty wide radius that we'd be willing to travel. I'll...
  20. Agate?

    I found these amazing rocks in a stream near my house. The problem is, I live in an area where agates are NOT found ever that I know of, and they were all found within 400 feet of each other (I found 4 specimens all roughly baseball sized). I live in southeastern Michigan but Lake Superior...